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Bringing to life the new book “Sauna Life: From Heat Up to Cool Down”

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There is a new sauna book in the works: Sauna Life From Heat Up to Cool Down. And this new coffee table book is in production.


Even more exciting is that this book is about all of our sauna journeys. All of our sauna lives. All of us digging ourselves through thermal goodness.

If you haven’t already, we’d welcome your possible contribution to the book. Please consider submitting a photo or two of your sauna, along with a poem, story, or thoughts to

Logo evolution

Tom and I had considered the shape of a hexagon. Six points of a hexagon, representing the six sections of the book (hot/cold, friendship/solitude, nature/build). But the circle is our move. The circular notion of sauna, rounds and rounds, good sauna is never over.

Now, we are thinking colors..

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