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SaunOmeter launches at 2023 Sauna Days, Larsmont Cottages

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May 4th, 2023, Two Harbors, Minnesota.

SaunOmeter announces the global launch of its new sauna digital monitoring device

The new digital web based temperature & humidity sauna climate monitor is being unveiled today at Larsmont Cottages, Two Harbors, Minnesota. All 12 saunas at this year’s Sauna Days event plan to be hooked up to SaunOmeters. This will allow attendees to get up to the moment readings on all the saunas on property, via one click access on the SaunOmeter website,

SaunOmeter has been in the development for over a year. The product is a joint collaboration between Darin Mays, Urban Wing, Glenn Auerbach, SaunaTimes, and Nick Upton, Flora Plant Care.

“Right now, we have two primary measures of sauna hot room climate: temperature and humidity” explains Darin Mays, Co-founder. “SaunOmeter brings these two measures to us in digital format without a major investment or technology knowhow.”

Lämpömassa button: recording of the present moment

Glenn Auerbach, Co-founder expands: “There are a couple of cool things I really like about what we’ve developed with SaunOmeter. The first thing is the lämpömassa button. There is a moment in every sauna session when everything is perfect: the temperature, the humidity, the density of heat, everything.”

SaunOmeter has a function so that the sauna bather can push a button that logs that moment within the graphical interface that records the entire sauna session and pinpoints that individual moment of lämpömassa.

“The lämpömassa button was crazy sauna guy Glenn’s idea,” Nick explains. “He asked if we could push a button and come back later and have a mark on the graph with our digital interface at that moment and I said, ‘piece of cake.’”

This is one of the secret sauces of SaunOmeter. The other is, as Nick references, the graphical interface that SaunOmeter records for every sauna session. The graph looks like a good stock should. Up and to the right. As the temperature in the hot room rises, SaunOmeter logs and records the movement.

Community sauna climate sharing

Offering a graphical interface on any mobile device. One of the attributes for SaunOmeter is that the readings can be recorded and shared across multiple user platforms. “We see great opportunity for SaunOmeter as a tool for sauna research,” Glenn explains. “You could have Jarmo in Tamperé, Finland connecting with Joe in Minnesota, and they can each be looking at each other’s saunas. It takes a lot of the talk out of Sauna Talk and puts it into real numbers.”

Sauna Days

For Sauna Days, the sauna hosts will be able to monitor their saunas from the lobby bar. And guests leaving their rooms can choose where they want to go based on the readings on their cell phone. No more “is it hot in there?” With SaunOmeter, the answer is right there for you.

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