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The Morzh cube sauna expands your space and opens your mind to good heat

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Guest post series continues. We are pleased to welcome back Kev to Saunatimes. Kev is a fellow aficionado of good heat. You can often find him as the first guy through the door as The Chicago Sweatlodge opens in the morning, or chilling out at the shores of his in-laws cabin between rounds in Northern Minnesota, or riding out a round at his local community center sauna. Yet most of the time, Kev is digging himself in his own backyard tent sauna. So, let’s hear from Kev, a disciple of good heat, and the prophet of sauna tents.

January 2020 Introduction to sauna tent experiences

Wow a lot has happened in two years since I did my 1st review of the Morzh Sauna Tent! I was with my friend Keith in February 2020 in Geneva Lake WI. The global pandemic hit shortly thereafter and I purchased the tent pictured from Keith. He generously sold it to me since he had his own home sauna built in his basement. (Keith ordered another Morzh later that summer). I can say during 2020 and 2021 the Morzh was a lifesaver for my family, allowing valuable healthy outside time during the absolute coldest stretches of the Chicago winter and pandemic. I loved my Morzh and told anyone who would listen causing many friends and family members to also jump on the sauna tent bandwagon. I then had the idea to create a Facebook group to communicate with friends and family about sauna tent experiences and ideas.

January 2021 sauna tent Facebook group

I created the International Disciples of Sauna Tents group on Facebook for friends and family. This group now has close to 700 members including celebrities, athletes, and representatives of major sauna tent companies.

Kev, the sauna tent prophet, back from Florida (and ready for Morzh cube sauna action!).

January 2022 Morzh Cube sauna tent arrival

Imagine finding a product that is perfect for your passion, that is how many of us felt when we found the Morzh Sauna Tent. Now imagine that that product has been improved and has blown away your old concepts. I was vacationing in Florida in early January when I ordered the Morzh Cube, I was soon to be going from 80 degree sunny weather to snowy, sub-zero Chicago weather. I needed something to look forward to.

Thanks to DHL, the Morzh Cube arrived on my doorstep about 1 hour after returning from a 19 hour car trip from Florida. I set it up that evening, with no experience and no prior video it took me 3-4 minutes to set up. (that was longer than unwrapping the packaging). Subsequently my set up and take down time is about 1 minute. The Morzh Cube is designed much like a ice fishing tent with built in framing that simply pops out the walls and roof. I noticed immediately that because of the walls popping outward the tent felt much more spacious! I have had 4 big guys in my old tent and it was very crowded and tight. I felt like 4 would be easy in the cube and 5 or 6 people would even be possible.

The Morzh Cube sauna tent (after 10 minute setup).

Morzh Cube sauna tent layout

One of the other big benefits of the Morzh cube is the stove location. The most common location for the stove on the Morzh is right near the door entry. Everyone coming in and out of the tent has to carefully navigate the tight space between door, bench and stove. My wife and I were always worried someone could trip or accidentally bump the stove. The Cube stove location is parallel to the wall opposite the entry. This creates a very open floor plan for entry and during sauna. In addition to the main entry there is a secondary door near the stove. This works great for getting fresh air flow through the sauna and is really nice for starting the fire and getting good ventilation early.

Intent Stove location in the Morzh Cube (less ouch potential!).

There are two large windows on the walls opposite the doors and two smaller triangular windows adjacent to the doors that can be used as windows, screened ventilation, or additional stove jack for a smaller camping stove. There are also two ground vents for additional airflow. Other added features that I really liked: Reflective material on all 4 sides in case you are on a frozen lake at night, also has an inner and outer skirt at the floor level that reduces drafts from coming inside the tent. Performance!

Getting the Morzh cube sauna tent up to serving temp

I built the same size fire that I use in my Morzh tent and noticed that it did not heat quite as fast, instead of 10-15 minutes to 180f degrees it was closer to 20 minutes. However, the time it took to set up was about 10-15 minutes in savings so you are actually ready to sauna quicker in The Morzh Cube. After 30-35 minutes, I was nearing my happy place of 200f. The sauna experience was actually more pleasurable since I did not feel as confined. I could easily envision my entire family sitting comfortably in this sauna. 

The Morzh Cube bench layout (room for the entire family!).

Summary of the Morzh cube sauna tent

This sauna is the Morzh on steroids!! It sets up quicker, takes down faster, and is far more comfortable than the original Morzh. It is a game changer for me and I have recommended this to most of my friends looking for a new sauna tent. This is the tent for entry level sauna seekers, backyard, cabin, or slightly remote locations. For very remote locations the original Morzh is a little lighter and more packable. With that said, I was recently able to easily carry the tent, the floor, the stove, and all my supplies about 1/4 mile to my Geneva Lake location for a recent afternoon session. (it took a few trips solo). 

For two years I have been praising the Morzh to everyone who would listen. The Morzh Cube is the real deal! The top 3 things I love about the Morzh Cube:

  1. Easy set up/take down! (can be done in less than 1 minute)
  2. More spacious (outward walls make for more room in the tent)
  3. Open floor plan (the stove is no longer taking up the center of the tent)
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7 thoughts on “The Morzh cube sauna expands your space and opens your mind to good heat”

  1. George:

    I don’t have a specific stove replacement recommendation for you in Europe. But i’ll be back over there soon and plan to do some reconnaissance. Hope to share more this summer!

  2. Thank you. I don’t know much about sauna stoves. Do you think it’s worth paying 500 Euros (350 Euro + Shipping) for the Morzh Intent Stove?

  3. in comparement with regular/standard sauna stoves i would say that the price is ok. you could get a regular sauna stove for less but that would just take up way to much space for the same effect.

    mobiba also sell similar stoves/tents within Eu, the price is more or less the same but the Morzh are slightly better isolated.

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