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Viking Floating Saunas to unveil new floating sauna at Sauna Days, Two Harbors, Minnesota

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Prairiewood Saunas, SaunaTimes, Flagship Pontoons, Black River Brand, announce their contribution to the floating sauna revolution with their innovative floating wood burning sauna solution: Viking Floating Saunas. 

The collaborative team has invested over a year productizing a sauna built on a commercial, pontoon boat deck. Registered as a boat, the Coast Guard compliant system is specifically designed for all floating applications where the desire to take three steps out of a hot room and jump into a fresh cold lake can be about the best idea we’ve ever heard. 

The four-company collaboration is offering Viking Floating Saunas to sauna enthusiasts and water enthusiasts alike. We are excited to satisfy people’s desire to have a sauna alongside their dock and shoreline – most celebrated where access to either of those may be tricky. The Viking Floating Sauna is outfitted with a wood burning sauna stove, outfitted exclusively with the Kuuma stove, what many consider the best, safest and most efficient burning sauna stove in the world. 

Ben Gruetzmacher – Prairiewood Saunas:

“I love the challenge of building floating saunas and how the path we’ve chosen is grounded in helping others create fun and enriching experiences – for themselves, their family and friends, and their communities.” 

Ben Gruetzmacher, his dog, and his backyard sauna. Floating sauna dreaming on such a winter's day.
Ben Gruetzmacher, his dog, and his backyard sauna. Floating sauna dreaming on such a winter’s day.

Glenn Auerbach – SaunaTimes:

“If you’ve ever been to the Nordic countries of Finland or Norway you know that floating saunas are fairly common. But here in North America, I’m excited to have found the right collaborators to help bring the safest, most reliable and best designed floating sauna to the people.” 

glenn gathering wood
Glenn, gathering wood for Viking Mobile Sauna (hairdresser sold separately).

Darrell Marrier – Flagship Pontoons 

“The concept made sense from the start. It captured our interest and aligns with projects we’ve done previously alongside our pontoon boats.” 

Viking Floating Sauna 1.0 in process
Darrell, reviewing Coast Guard height variances, Viking Floating Sauna 1.0.

Brad Weiler – Black River Brand 

“Good heat, cold water, nature and connection. It’s all there! That’s what makes this endeavor so rewarding. Plus, working with a passionate and qualified team has been truly inspiring.” 

Brad, assessing bench heights for the Viking Floating Sauna
Brad, assessing bench heights for the Viking Floating Sauna

We can think of no better time and place than Sauna Days to unveil our Viking Floating Sauna. We don’t know what is more exciting, sharing with others or jumping into an ice cold lake after a sauna round. Thankfully we get to do both! 

Follow along on social media (@vikingfloatingsaunas) and check out the website at

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