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Sauna Talk with Tea Lindberg and Annie, who apply their tireless energy running a catering company, sauna retreat center, oh, and 12 different sauna properties

Have you ever met somebody and wonder how they can accomplish so many ambitious projects? Well this is Tea Lindberg, founder and owner of Time for Tea Catering, as well as Saunat, a sauna rental and hosting business, where she manages 12 different sauna properties. If all this isn’t enough, Tea has two small children who stay with her as she manages phone reservations and catering inquires, while putting together an awesome wholesome lunch for me and Samuli, from Iki sauna stoves.

Post sauna lunch by the Baltic Sea at Villa Furuvik.

We take a tour of Tea’s latest project, where she bought an old farmhouse by the shore of the Baltic Sea on the outskirts of Helsinki Finland. More here.

She is ambitiously turning back the property into its original design, from the 1800s.

Let’s take an audio tour of Villa Furuvik. Paradise by the Sea.

Check out this video tour of Villa Furuvik.

Villa Furuvik kesäkuussa 2018 from Saunat.fi on Vimeo.

“When a Finnish person says, it stays.”

Finnish people are trustable.

Home economics teacher.

A huge thank you to Samuli from Iki stoves for arranging and escorting me to Villa Furuvik, and introducing me to Lea Lindberg, and Annie.

Glenn, saunatimes, and Samuli, Iki Stoves
The Iki sauna stove along the Baltic Sea waters edge at Villa Furuvik, Helsinki, Finland (photo: finedaysfinland.fi)

Annie is the General Manager. We are seated on the sauna bench with Annie, who cold plunges and winter swims for 10 minutes before sauna “because she doesn’t want to have the cold stay in her core.”

Sauna is a sacred place. We are taught to be quiet and peaceful in sauna.

“I hear the sounds of Nature. I don’t need music any more for that.”

For Finns it’s almost easier to be silent than it is to talk.

One needs to spend time alone, because we are so often with people. When we are alone it is a time to remember who we are.

From left: Samuli, Iki Stoves, Tea Lindberg, SaunaT, Glenn, and Annie, General Manager SaunaT
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