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Ben Hugus, Ursa Minor Brewing, discusses his Sauna Beer and the goodness of sauna from Duluth, Minnesota

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The Sauna Talk Craft Brewery Series continues. We first interviewed Omar Ansari, founder of Surly Brewing, inside his wood fired sauna, episode here.

Today, we head up to Duluth, Minnesota to Sauna Talk with Ben Hugus, co founder of UUrsa Minor Brewing.

You will hear similarities with these conversations as there is a parallel to the craft brewing industry and sauna.

In this episode of Sauna Talk, Ben Hugus, co founder of Ursa Minor Brewing, talks about the camaraderie and collaboration involved with starting Duluth’s 8th craft brewery.

“We all get along. We share ideas and we all benefit by helping each other out” he says.

Ursa Minor Brewing Company collaborated with Larsmont Cottages this year for Sauna Days, bringing their craft beers and even a special batch of Sauna Beer, specifically made for this past weekend’s sauna gathering (by the shores of Lake Superior!). The nuances of the beer are quite special. (hint: spruce tips!).

Normally we Sauna Talk on the sauna bench, yet we recorded this episode in front of a live audience at Larsmont Cottage’s main lodge.

Sauna Talk with Glenn and Ben, Ursa Minor Brewing

Please share a toast with us as we hope you enjoy this warm, wide Sauna Beer conversation with Ben Hugus, Ursa Minor Brewing

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2 thoughts on “Ben Hugus, Ursa Minor Brewing, discusses his Sauna Beer and the goodness of sauna from Duluth, Minnesota”

  1. Is the name of the brewery ‘Ursa Minor’ or ‘Ursala Minor’?

    Love what you are putting out there, good stuff, keep at it please.

  2. Ursa. If I said “Ursala” at any time during the interview, I blame the Sauna Beer.

    Thanks Drew for the kind words and encouragement. I LOVED this episode!!

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