Export Manager of Narvi Sauna Stoves takes us through a heat storing sauna stove experience

The Factory tour

Lets talk a little bit about Narvi. Of the bigger sauna heater manufacturers, we are the only one designing and manufacturing all our products in Finland. With about 70 employees, Narvi grows by sticking to their plan. Narvi is very proud of their enameled heaters that are extremely durable and easy to take care of. And Narvi is an innovator. For example the smoke channels of the Narvi NC make the heater the most eco-friendly in the world. VTT tests the heaters in Finland, and Narvi NC 16 scored 0.07 % in carbon monoxide emissions, when the minimum level is 1 %.  At their factory, real people and sauna lovers are the ones developing and manufacturing their heaters. They are proud about every unit that leaves our place, and it shows.

With Jesse, Narvi Sauna stove factory in Western Finland

Wood burning is more popular in Canada. The Baltic countries are strong in the wood burning category.

20% of Narvi sales are outside of Finland.

Wood heat vs. Electric heat

Cool down is a critically important part of sauna

Foreigners who love the sauna have had to work hard to enjoy sauna.

Log sauna building vs. a stick frame sauna building.

25 countries. Does not sell (yet!) in the US.

The private sauna session with Jesse

Our sauna session together at a lakeside historic hunting camp in Western Finland was a private sauna experience, in a very old sauna building, fueled by a wood burning heat Storing AK95.

Chilling out with Jessi, Narvi, between sauna rounds

We learn how a heat storing sauna stove operates. Closing the smoke valve. Insulated heat chamber. This stove allows for a classic smoke sauna (savusauna) experience. A few hundred kilos of stones. At least 700 pounds of rocks.

No direct contact with the rocks. Continuous burning stoves require lots of oxygen. Oxygen circulates better in a wood fired sauna. Ventilation is one of the most important things in a sauna.

The noise tells quite much. The slower the heat comes.

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3 thoughts on “Export Manager of Narvi Sauna Stoves takes us through a heat storing sauna stove experience”

  1. Thank you for sending me sauna info I live in Yukon Canada I have built 4 out door saunas and wood stoves. I am very interested in a real finish wood heater.. bye for now

  2. Hi there. New follower here. Your contact section said to leave a message on a Blog post for quickest response.

    I am having a Finnish style sauna constructed on my property in Evergreen, CO. It is a kit, the brand is Almost Heaven (Appalachian Model). I have no interest or loyalty to that brand, it is just what I chose to go with. Wondering if you wanted to do any kind of feature on it or the build out. Space clearing, deck build (it will be on a platform), Sauna construction, and post use. It is truly a lovely space and area, we are on the North Slope of Evergreen Mountain. Let me know if that is of interest to you.

    Thanks! Will be following your site anyway.


  3. Hi Jon:

    Sounds like a wonderful project. We welcome guest posts, and i’ll email you separately. I can almost feel the freshness of your mountain vista, chilling out in your garden all misty wet with rain.

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