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Sauna from Finland is an Organization that Promotes… Sauna from Finland!

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It is day 4 into Glenn’s 50 saunas in 12 days in Finland journey. This evening we are visiting with Satu Freyberg, Head of International Marking and Carita Harju, Founder and Executive Director, of Sauna from Finland.

We have gathered for Sauna from Finland’s 10 year anniversary. And what better spot than Savutuvanapaya, a lakeside resort featuring multiple saunas by the shoreline, in the heart of Finland’s Lake Country, central Finland.

Carita and Satu Sauna Talk with Glenn from Saunatimes.
Carita (left) and Satu (right) Sauna Talk with Glenn from Saunatimes

What is Sauna From Finland?

Well, in my words, Sauna from Finland is a commercial sales and marketing company. They are all about promoting the authentic sauna experience. They represent Finnish companies that produce sauna and sauna related products. Satu and Carita recognize that sauna is perhaps Finland’s greatest export. And who is to argue this?

In Finland, sure there is Rapala lures, and a handful of heavy equipment and industrial companies whose names I can’t pronounce let alone tell you what they export out of Helsinki harbor. And today Nokia could very well be behind Narvi Sauna Stoves in terms of export sales, so who is to argue that sauna is Finland’s greatest export?

So, we have Sauna from Finland. They recognize (just like me!) that authentic Finnish sauna deserves and needs to be protected, and promoted! With so many cheap imitations from China, and fragmentations of huckster marketers hawking infrared cabins and calling them saunas, it is more important than ever to help communicate, share, build, and promote the real deal. Authentic saunas.

As you will hear in this episode, most of the companies that Sauna from Finland represents produce products that complement the Finnish Sauna experience, companies like Lumene “with its heritage in wild Arctic nature (Lumene) has gently harnessed these rare Arctic and Nordic Elixirs combining them with pure Arctic Spring water and carefully selected skincare ingredients to create powerful radiance boosting skincare and makeup that work to restore the skin’s natural strength, beauty and luminosity.”

And there is Ledify. “Ledify‘s sauna LED lighting is made for all kinds of saunas from luxurious spas to private wood-burning saunas. As a Finnish family business, our operations are guided by traditional Finnish values; Reliability, authenticity, and perseverance with a close relationship with nature.”

Are you with me on the authentic sauna trend?!

Are you getting a picture as to the thought process of Carita and Satu? Sauna, and “traditional Finnish values” are very much on trend. And Finnish sauna is frigging amazingly awesome for our wellbeing. 30 years strong for me. How about you? And Finnish sauna shouldn’t have to be a trend, but man oh man are we ready for more sauna in our lives! And let’s help bring more authentic sauna to people, like a candle that lights another candle. Have you been inviting people to partake in your authentic Finnish sauna?

This is where I can go on and on about how, in the United States, “90% of the saunas are bad, and the other 10% are worse.” But we are changing this. Just you listening to this podcast helps with the change. And the sauna you built, hopefully thanks to saunatimes or your good research is allowing for “any Finn exiting the hot room shall do so with a smile on their face.”

I am pleased to bring you Carita and Satu, from Sauna from Finland, who are committed and dedicated to the authentic, and to help promote the thoughtfully created products, all sauna related, from the home of sauna, Finland.

Please welcome Satu, and Carita from Sauna from Finland.

Libations for between sauna rounds at Savutuvanapaya, during Sauna from Finland’s 10th anniversary celebration

A few notes from our time together:

In Finland, often sauna is like taking a shower. Take time for yourself, drink a couple glasses of water. We get so much more from our sauna experiences by relaxing and being present in the sauna moment.

Sauna is about so many things. Ways to add value. Textiles, skin care products, or just ideas to help relax more, and take care of yourself.

“There is so much more that we can get out of our sauna experiences.”

The World Sauna Forum

October 3,4 in Tampere Finland. Let’s go!

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6 thoughts on “Sauna from Finland is an Organization that Promotes… Sauna from Finland!”

  1. Thanks Mike! I out diplomatic’ed a Finn. Imagine that. Yes, there’s 4-5 more episodes coming from the Finland series.. A couple more barn burners! Glad you are following along, Mike.

  2. I need to correct that we are too very diplomatic to all kind of sauna’s but we don’t count infrared cabins as a sauna. – So we agree with you☺️Carita, Sauna from Finland

  3. Hey Glenn.

    Loving your blog and your podcast. My names Matt Broughton, i like in the UK and I am planning on starting up a sauna cabin in London. Its a fairly far out project which I think you will love. I would really like to explain the concept a little more and get your thoughts. If you could drop me an email it would be hugely appreciated as I would love to pick your brains on a few things.

    Kind regard,


  4. Email sent, Matt. Happy to offer assistance. Having lived in London, unless climate change has since kicked all our asses since, your climate is wonderful sauna climate! And I LOVE far out projects and am on your team.

  5. I am a polish, Irish, Native American, Metro Detroiter who married into an Iranian, polish family with the Finnish twist! Sauna has been a very big part of our family life; yet, the experience we have brought to our Family, friends and neighbors has been second to none. Long live Sisu! And may we all experience the peace and healing of the sauna!

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