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Sauna Talk: Alan Jalasjaa

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Today on Sauna Talk, we welcome Alan Jalasjja who shares with us “The Spirit of Sauna.”

Alan is an evangelist who is with us to help promote the experience. Growing up with sauna his whole life, as a Finnish Canadian, we get the perspective of what sauna spirit means to him.

World Sauna Forum 2024

The growth of the event compared to 2022

Globe and Mail article

I encourage you to click through the link towards his Op Ed opinion piece that recently appeared in the Globe and Mail, which discusses “enjoying sauna in the now.” Sure the health benefits are there for the long term, but wow, let’s enjoy our sauna time now.

Thermal cycle

We discuss the value of time. The holy trinity to a good cool down: cold water, nature, time.

The four elements to sauna

  • fire
  • air
  • water
  • earth (the stones).

Some magical gems from Alan, and happy to share with you here.

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