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Sauna Talk: Bill Trotter, Chicago Sweatlodge General Manager, describes their Russian Banya experience during a long cool down

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As Saunatimes expands into the realm of public sweat bathing, there is no better place to start the journey than in Chicago at Chicago Sweatlodge.  This well designed facility offers an authentic banya experience via two hot rooms, a wet sauna and a dry sauna, lounge, restaurant and cold plunge.

Outside Chicago Sweatlodge, Kevin (left) and Glenn check in with Bill Trotter, GM.
Outside Chicago Sweatlodge, Kevin (left) and Glenn check in with Bill Trotter, GM.

The stoves are top notch.  5,000 pounds of rocks in each.  Matter of fact, every summer, Chicago Sweatlodge switches out the rocks in each stove.  It takes four days for the rocks to cool down, and even then gloves are needed to take out the old rocks.

Chicago Sweatlodge dry sauna
Chicago Sweatlodge dry sauna

Imagine the sweat the workers must produce switching out the rocks at Chicago Sweatlodge.

Imagine the thermal heat mass these rocks produce as you step in for round one on a cold windy Chicago afternoon.  This is Sauna Talk with Bill Trotter.

  • We experience familiar, dense heat at Chicago Sweatlodge.
  • We talk about the rising sauna tide lifting many boats, from your backyard to the public sweatlodge.
  • We share the kindred spirit of having 4 hours before a flight out of Ohare and what an awesome sauna experience can do for our spirit along the trail of health and wellness.

Check out my review of Chicago Sweatlodge here.

Bill Trotter and I have a great visit and I am pleased to bring you this episode of Sauna Talk.

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