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Sauna Talk: Carrie Drinkwine shares the journey to Wise Wellness including diet, nutrition, hydration and sauna

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Let’s welcome Carrie Drinkwine to Sauna Talk.

We start our sauna rounds with wet hair. The oils of your own hair are healthy.

Carrie’s medical history

Dietetics and Nutrition Science major. Masters in Holistic Nutrition. Aligned with beliefs. Practicing as a nutritionists. Became ill with chronic problems. Lupus. Antibodies over 481. Hashimoto: an autoimmune disease where the body is attacking its own tissues, thyroid and parathyroid.. 6 years ago. Could not move from laying down to sitting up. Chronic pain. Everything was amplified. Chronic anxiety and depression. Could not sleep.

She took Western medicine to “get through the day.” She kept getting more and more drugs diagnosed on her plate.

Going Eastern

Naturopathic doctor. A Western approach to Eastern thinking. She was given natural supplements to help alleviate symptoms. but it did not get to the root cause. The same approach wasn’t resonating with her. You couldn’t touch her skin because she was in such pain from Lupus.

A God wink

Met a regenerative detox specialist 

Beyond desperate and skeptical but began the detox work. 

Within 14 weeks she got a reversed diagnosis of both Hashimoto and Lupus. Carrie went on to become a Dr. Robert Morse Certified regenerative detoxification expert. And studied iridology through the teachings of Dr. Morse, Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. Pesick. 

Within 14 weeks she got a reversed diagnosis. Dr. Robert Morris. Certified regenerative detoxification expert. Dr. Pastick.

Wise Wellness

Carrie founded Wise Wellness, and is now working (more than) full time diligent detoxification work. A lot of hours being put in but she goes to bed each night knowing that she is helping people.

Sauna as proper detox

Sauna came into her life Dr. Morris. Specifically steam and wood fired but not infrared. Healing of lymphatic system. Get your body to an internal temperature the core body as well as your skin. Your skin is considered to be your third kidney. Your body is always on your side. Your skin will help your kidneys if your kidneys are backed up. Kidneys need support. A kidney and lymphatic problem. Steroids dumb down the histamine being produced in your body. The root cause of adrenal failure . A top recommended protocol is sauna and cold bath, at least three rounds if possible.

Skin cleaning, lymph cleaning, and helping your kidneys through detox. When your kidneys stop filtering, your body gets backed up. The lake (lymph) becomes more like a pond or swamp. 

The five systems of flow are opened through sauna. Arterial and venous blood, lymphatic, nervous system and chi flow are increased. 

Expanding our cells. Bringing fluids and alkaline in. Shrinking of cells to purge waste.


Hydration is a hot topic. How much mineral and water. Absorption is critical. Not so much volume. Intracellular water vs extracellular water. Acidic vs. alkaline. Getting minerals into the body. Cellular male-absorption. ion minerals. The body has 90 trace minerals. If you are eating a well balanced diet, you are usually getting your proper minerals. When you go into sauna, or excessive exercise, it’s important to be able to replace minerals.

The minerals are tested for absorption. They have a 97% absorption rate to invite minerals into the cells. Water with proper minerals and absorption. Ion5 and Ionic Elements are preferred due to their purity and absorption rates.

A higher mineral diet

Hunger is not often from the stomach. What your cells think is what your self thinks. “We need nutrition!”

Organic fruits and vegetables

Herbicides and pesticides.

Decades of soil degradation. Came from a profit incentive. We are losing our nutrition and health. Weeds/insects are important. They break down the minerals in the soil that feed the plant. We are not carrying the minerals and nutrition in our foods.

Mineral replenishment is so critical.

A day in the life of Carrie: diet and sauna

Sauna day:

  • 10 mineral drops in the AM.
  • 10 mineral drops before sauna.
  • 10 mineral drops after sauna.

8-10 oz. of water with your mineral drops if fine.

Coconut water after sauna.  Lots of fruits and raw veggies.

wood fired sauna vs. health club sauna

Organs getting hot vs. just your skin. Not feeling so zapped with a well ventilated sauna.

Expanding lung capacity.

Fresh cool down opportunities. It doesn’t smell like a pool or chemical. Earth elements

“Sauna is a priority for me”

You can get an equivalent of an hour or two of exercise with the cardiovascular health of sauna

Living on the alkaline side of the fence. Alkalinity is something that heals the body. 80/20 rule. “80 percent of what I put into my body is alkaline.” You want to have balance in your life. Maintaining an alkaline balance in our life.

Alkalinity through deep breathing

The breath is very powerful for maintaining alkalinity. You want to deep breathe. Deep diaphragm breath. Soul breathing. “All breath is good.” Soul breathing allows for oxygen to get into the cells. No chest movement. Deep belly breaths. 5 minutes of this is better than a cup of coffee. “100 breathes to joy.” Continuous flow to breathe.

Please visit for more information on Carrie’s practice.

“Meet your body where you are at.” If sauna makes you uncomfortable chances are your body is acidic.

Non structured environment.

We are all connected. “This is as much as i can handle.” Honoring that. Your body is designed to heal when you give it the right environment. The sauna is an absolutely vital part of this.

Interested in some of the products Carrie mentions? You can use the coupon code “wisewellness” for $50 off your first order. Links here:

the Super Amino 23 product.

Ionic Elements drops.

The Power shake.

The importance of minerals relative to hydration
Carrie Drinkwine, Wise Wellness

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3 thoughts on “Sauna Talk: Carrie Drinkwine shares the journey to Wise Wellness including diet, nutrition, hydration and sauna”

  1. Hello, I am interested in the step by step guide. I would really like a hard copy book version of these instructions as well as the ebook version.
    The person who told me about this used a book Copy For their project. It was very helpful, they love the sauna and it gets frequent use!

  2. Hi Daran:

    Yes, Sauna Build Start to Finnish is available in hard copy, but DIY hard copy. Please invest in the book and print the pdf file. You can staple it together and many put it on a clipboard and hang it on a nail close by to their sauna build project.

    I’m glad to hear that the person who told you about it has had good success. I’m very happy with all the content in the book. I have helped hundreds build their own authentic saunas and i’m happy to help you.

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