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Sauna Talk: Danny Sigelman

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Danny Sigelman“90% of music appreciation is context.”

“It’s like trading fours at a jazz concert.”

Best music for the sauna:

  • Thievery Corporation
  • Martin Dosh
  • Augustus Pablo

“I usually don’t let other people’s opinions bother me too much.”

TD Mischke Road Show.

“You can’t really break a wood burning sauna. ”

There are a lot of cultures, where sauna is a spiritual thing:  necessary meditative aspect.

Searching for Sugarman:  It will never happen again.  The world is connected and will never go back.

Record store clerks were the first music recommendation generators.

Who would you want to have a sauna with?   “David Bowie would be cool”  jinx, he passed away 2 weeks after recording this podcast.

Have you ever been at a hotel where the sauna works?

Bands on the road:  The venue is their home.  The stage, the tour bus, the green room.  Why not chill out in a sauna after the show?

Great ideas occur simultaneously, independent of each other.  See Stephen Johnson.  Interview here: Where Good Ideas Come From.

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