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Sauna Talk: David Dragseth, Lutheran pastor and CEO of Superior Saunas

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Today on the bench, we are joined with David Dragseth, Lutheran paster and CEO of Superior Saunas.

Let’s consider for a moment, the Venn Diagram overlap of A: Lutheran Pastors and B: Sauna business CEOs. To my knowledge, the overlap is a body of one: David Dragseth. Also of note, if we consider the Venn Diagram overlap of A: Lutheran Pastors and B: Guests to the podcast Sauna Talk, well, i’m happy to report that David Dragseth is joined with Lutheran Pastor Dave Pearson.

For those looking for some good spiritual sauna continuity, I encourage you to have a listen to both of these podcast episodes.

David and Glenn Sauna Talk

David and I were together on my Minneapolis sauna bench recently. We enjoyed sauna and then communing in urban nature, relaxing between rounds on my sauna deck, outdoor shower and cold plunge adjacent.

David Dragseth cold plunging between sauna rounds
David Dragseth cold plunging in the rain between sauna rounds

A wood burning sauna and a sauna deck in the rain are perfect backdrops for me to have David expand upon some of his Venn Diagram overlap of religion and sauna as a religion.

You could say that if Jesus grew up in a Nordic country, he may have been a sauna builder. We’ll never know, but we do know that David and I are both sauna builders, which is just the beginning of our Venn Diagram overlap. David fell naturally into the world of sauna building and the sauna business.

In this episode, we learn about David’s sabbatical to Finland, and being impressed and influenced by Finnish confirmation camps. Could there be a place in North America for similar camps? We talk about one of my favorite subjects: the spiritual connection of sauna, as both a noun and a verb. We talk about his business Superior Saunas. How it came into his life, and now, how it is a big part of his life.

Without further ramblings, please welcome David Dragseth to Sauna Talk.

David Dragseth, CEO Superior Saunas, and Glenn
David Dragseth and Glenn Sauna Talk

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2 thoughts on “Sauna Talk: David Dragseth, Lutheran pastor and CEO of Superior Saunas”

  1. Hello, thank you for this great resource. Would the eBook explain how to build a sauna on a sloped yard? My back yard has about a 15% incline and I am thinking I may need to have a retaining wall, much like when building an above ground pool on a slope would typically require a retaining wall. Thank you.

  2. The ebook will help you. With your slope, you’re best maybe to get a quote from a builder landscape co to help shore up your structure. Either footings, digging in and around,
    or on grade within your slope. I’ve done builds with this constraint. It’s possible.

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