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Sauna Talk: Dr. Colin Zestcott leading research on sauna mental health studies

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On this episode of Sauna Talk, we are able to visit with Dr. Zestcott about a current study under way regarding sauna mental health studies for the Sauna Research Institute. This is a survey based study analyzing the mental health benefits to sauna. The link to the sauna mental health studies work is here.

It’s particularly interesting to learn how Colin has a keen experience and understanding of what we know of as “good sauna.” The real sauna with good heat and proper cool downs which can include a range of coldness including a lake swim, cold plunge, snow angels, a bucket of water over ones’ head. Colin is reporting in from Duluth Minnesota where he teaches at the College of St. Scholastica, a place where a high of one degree above zero Fahrenheit is not uncommon.

Colin and son, preparing for sauna on a frozen Duluth, MN lake

research surrounding sauna mental health studies

We learn about the budding tree of scientific mental health studies. How survey based work follows certain protocols. We discuss how sauna can potentially be applied to help people in areas such as anxiety and PTSD. We draw upon some work that has taken place with the Native American Sweatlodge and veterans. Much more can be done with global in broad ranging collaboration.

I’m doing my best to get the word out on this study as the more participants involved means more sound data to build upon for the study as well as next phase of research.

So, I hope you are able to respond to the request for participants for this study. The email address is .

Colin cooling down outside Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna, Duluth, MN.

Please welcome to Sauna Talk Dr. Colin Zestcott.

Colin & Glenn discussing mental health sauna studies

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2 thoughts on “Sauna Talk: Dr. Colin Zestcott leading research on sauna mental health studies”

  1. My name is Jon I am really into Sauna. I have also been practicing the Wim Hoff Method for 3 years so I do a lot of cold exposure. Ice baths etc. I tried emailing the sauna studies Gmail account but it bounced. Are you still looking for volunteers. I may be interested depending on commitment.

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