Sauna Talk: Eero Kipi, North American Sauna Society

Let’s welcome Eero Kipi, President of North American Sauna Society to Sauna Talk!

To learn more about the North American Sauna Society, please note link here.

The time we are living is very exciting. More and more people are becoming interested in and aware of the authentic sauna practice. In this episode, we get an understanding from Eero about his upbringing with sauna. And this experience is most likely not much different from most all Finns. A country of “more saunas than cars” and a country where many start taking saunas before they are old enough to start walking.

Eero understands good sauna.

The North America Sauna Society was founded in 2004.

Sauna bathing is a very well regulated process with no regulation.

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7 thoughts on “Sauna Talk: Eero Kipi, North American Sauna Society”

  1. I’m thinking of building a sauna. With the price of material so high, I am looking at Hemlock. Would you recommend hemlock for interior or exterior of a sauna? Please advise. Thx!

  2. I’ve not built with Hemlock, so can’t advise directly. What I do know is that we want soft woods. Soft loose grain woods. Cedar is the bomb in this department, and then others here in N. America are building with poplar/aspen as well as basswood. These are fast growing species but not my favorites for sauna because they don’t hold up to moisture. Lemme know how you roll on the Hemlock front.

  3. Glen,

    I plan on building a sauna out of my enclosed trailer and would love to pick your brain with some general construction questions and advice!


  4. Hi Glenn,
    Downloaded your Sauna plans. Really enjoying going through them!
    Two questions
    1. Recommendation for where to find good quality Western red cedar tongue and groove for the interior paneling?
    2. My build will be outdoor in central Ohio to include a 2/6 framing platform with 3/4” exterior grad plywood, supported by concrete pylons. There will be roughly 12 inches between the ground ( covered in 3” of gravel) and the bottom of the floor joists. I know you’re not a fan of insulating the floor joists, but in this situation would you consider adding foam panels between the floor joists?

  5. Hi Robert:

    1. Cedar t&g sourcing is tough sledding. I suggest contacting specialty lumber retailers in your area.
    2. There is a good way to insulate your floor joists, and I’ve done this a couple times with great success. Secure 2×2 nailers 2″ down inside your floor joists. Rip 2″ rigid foam on table saw to fit between floor joists. Set them between floor joists to set snug against 2x2s. Then set your 3/4″ exterior plywood on top.

    The air flow under your building is a good thing.

    This is a ‘tried and true’ system, and yet open to any other iterations/ideas. Eg. some like to put down critter prevention mesh below the floor joists, and I like that, as aggressive squirrels and mice sometimes can get into rigid foam, for poly-desert as much as for bedding down.

    Glad the ebook is helping you along! Good sauna to you!

  6. Thanks for your insight to hemlock. I will let you which direction I go and how it turns out.

    I have another question for you regarding air circulation. I’m in Maine and was under contract to purchase a custom sauna. Over the winter the builder had a change of heart which is why I’m heading in a new direction. The sauna I was expecting used decking for the floor. The decking had spaces just like your back deck which supposedly made for easy cleaning and drainage. I like this concept. He also had a circulation system of dryer ducting hidden in the walls to get good circulation in the steam room. Now I am not sure how he did this and am not going to try and recreate it. My question for you is, if I used the same decking system for my floor and placed a direct vent to the outside through the wall, do you see that creating problems with circulation? Thanks!

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