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Sauna Talk: From The Sauna Village with Shaelyn, Justus, and David from Superior Saunas

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This episode was recorded in January 2023 from the Sauna Village, Malcolm Yards, Minneapolis Minnesota, as part of the Great Northern Festival. It was a cold well below freezing day outside. As the Saunapreneurs began firing up their sauna stoves outside, inside we were able to sit down and visit with Shaelyn and her brother Justus, and then David Dragseth, CEO of Superior Saunas.

The history and brain child of a Sauna Village in Minneapolis goes back quite a few years. Subject for another podcast for another day, but in summary, the serendipity meeting of minds of Rod & JP from Stokeyard Outfitters, connecting with Eddie through commercial development, sharing the sauna heat with his wife Kate Nordstrom, the Executive and Artistic director of The Great Northern.

JP, Stokeyard Outfitters, left, and Justus Crutchley, right at the Sauna Village, Minneapolis MN January 2023.

During this episode, we learn about the idea, creation, and build of the Superior Sauna by the brother and sister team of Shaelyn and Justus Crutchery. Like so many sauna builds, this one was more than just a sauna build, it also fostered as a rebuilding of a special brother sister bond.

Shaelyn and brother Justus during Superior sauna build
Shaelyn and brother Justus swinging into action during their Superior sauna build

The sauna was sponsored by David Dragseth, former Lutheran paster and now Superior Sauna CEO.

David Dragseth between sauna rounds
David Dragseth between sauna rounds

I’ll keep this introduction short, and I encourage you to check out the photos of the Superior Sauna event sauna here on SaunaTimes. Three wood stoves, a swing, some great design with clear consciousness towards to the holy trinity of good sauna: heat, steam, ventilation.

The Superior event sauna
The Superior event sauna

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