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Sauna Talk: Harvey Martin, Mindstrong Project founder

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“The feeling I get with wood fired (sauna) is so much deeper than any kind of heat I’ve every experienced. I feel human when I get out of a wood fired sauna.”

Today on the sauna bench, we are joined by Mindstrong Harvey, founder, CEO, of The Mindstrong Project.

Many of us may not have heard of the Mindstrong Project, but if you were a pro athlete talking about performance, breath work, contrast therapy, sauna, Wim Hof, or any combination of any of these, I can pretty much guarantee you that you would be well tuned to Harvey Martin and the Mindstrong Project.

The thing is, Harvey is very humble and low key about his practice and his company. He, like many of my friends for some odd reason, fall into more of the camp of witness relocation program, vs. major social media marketers. And I can’t speak for my other friends on the witness relocation program, but Mindstrong Harvey has good reason to be low key. The work he does with pro athletes is by reputation only.

Harvey Martin’s marketing is mainly his reputation

And by extension, his marketing is defined by the proven performance measures from his clients. In a world where literally, every second counts, and where the slightest margin, the smallest incremental improvement in performance can mean playing in front of tens of thousands of people or sitting on the bench, from being signed to a big contract or relegated to the taxi squad, from being hero to .. i’m still trying… well, I don’t know what your day job is, but to operate with that kind of pressure must require the upmost tuning, both mentally and physically.

Pro athlete performance and wellbeing is the space where Mindstrong Harvey operates.

Brick and Mortar – tree and lake location

The Mindstrong Training the highest performing athletes in the world in nature. A training system outdoors. Physical movement, yoga, training, cold, sauna. “Wherever I go, sauna will be a part of my life.” Minnesota is way colder.

Mindstrong Harvey, digging himself between sauna rounds on Lake Minnetonka

Witness relocation program

When you train professional athletes, they are on a level of celebrity. They have financial freedom and they are young. They don’t have an opportunity to experience the build up. They go from 0 to 1 right away. Mindstrong Harvey is there to guide them. He has earned this level of respect within the small family of professional athletes. The athletes share Mindstrong Harvey with other athletes.

A professional athlete lives so against nature. They travel, they fly, and when you can give them the most natural training environment, they appreciate simple systems. The connection with nature. Sauna in nature is bigger than all of us.

A deep respect with Nature. Nature is the only system that can bring us to our own personal truth.

Body adapting to the cold

If you burn fuel too much, you become an emotionally reactive human. Limbic part of your brain The front of our brain, the pre frontal cortex is the rational part of our brain. n the cold, we are breathing less and Living in the front of our brains.

You are training your physiology to train your psychology.

Mindstrong Harvey at the controls

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