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Sauna Talk: Kirk Jensen, a host of a thousand saunas (and more)

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Sauna Talk: Kirk Jensen is a host of a thousand saunas (and more). Kirk is one of the lead hosts at the 612 Sauna Society sauna, Minneapolis Minnesota USA.

This episode may be especially interesting for those considering starting a sauna business. Or for those who have attended a “butts on the bench public sauna” and want to know more about how sauna host manages the comings and goings of sauna guests.

612 Sauna Society board with Kirk Jensen

I’ve known Kirk for several years. I was the lead builder of the 612 Sauna. Second to JP, the founder and former longtime Chief Firewood Officer, I’d put Kirk right up there as a pillar of the 612 Sauna Society. Don’t get me wrong, it takes a village to keep 612 as a free range cash positive, organic coop. As I think of it, it’d be great to present a follow up podcast with Vanessa, Jess, Megan, Christine and all of the 612 board and staff.

I am right there in the mix, as a fellow long standing 612 Sauna Society Board member. And Kirk and I each like the same kind of beer when we get together at a brewery for our monthly 612 board meetings.

I’ve helped a lot of people get started in their saunapreneur journeys. Looking at the myriad of roles in running a “butts on the bench” sauna business: build, marketing, maintenance/cleaning, hosting, firewood-ing, outreaching, in my view, the hosting is one of those special yet integral components.

Kirk Jensen at the 612 sauna
Kirk Jensen at the 612 sauna

My sauna operations history

I build my first mobile sauna in the early 2000’s. I brought my semi mobile saunas to gatherings and cold plunges around Minneapolis. During that somewhat brief time, I had a very clear exposure to cold feet, standing around in sub zero weather. In addition to “where’s my towel?” I’d listen to many similar stories such as “I remember as a child, we used to go to my grandparents cabin in Northern Minnesota. They had a sauna and… ” Beautiful stories,

But after awhile, somewhat sadly, the stories all start to sound the same. It doesn’t diminish the warm expressions and twinkles in their eyes. But for me, I would politely smile and nod my head, and be dreaming of my own backyard sauna, where I didn’t have to respond to anybody.

Kirk Jensen, avoiding drama outside the 612 Sauna
Kirk Jensen, avoiding drama outside the 612 Sauna

So, enough about me

This Sauna Talk podcast with Kirk Jensen is about Kirk and his experience as a long standing sauna host. Kirk digs hosting. And to me, this episode is evidence of the wide range of goodness of sauna. From building, to taking, to enjoying.. to hosting.

kirk Jensen Sauna Talk
kirk Jensen Sauna Talk, Koozie collection sold separately

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2 thoughts on “Sauna Talk: Kirk Jensen, a host of a thousand saunas (and more)”

  1. Hi Corey. No. I don’t do anything with infrared therapy rooms. They are not sauna. The extent of my engagement is to call out infrared hucksters for laying claims to health benefits of sauna for a modality and thing that is not sauna.

    If you dig infrared, great. Above is not intended as snarky. Thanks for understanding.

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