Sauna Talk: Lasse Erikson

light steam graphic

“Why are there no saunas in elderly homes?”

“I work with infrared, but it is more of a treatment… Infrared is not connected to the Norwegian culture of badstu (sauna).”

Lasse, with endorphins rushing between sauna rounds

Today on Sauna Talk, we visit with Lasse Erikson, reporting in from the outskirts of Oslo, Norway. Lasse is a Sweat enthusiast with a mission to bring more sauna and sweat experiences to the world. He is head of Norges Badstulaug, a Board member of International Sauna Association, and VP Aufguss WM group.


“We are story tellers. That’s who we are.” Listen to the steam. Feeling it.

These are some of the tasks in which he loves to contribute.

Steam on!

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