Sauna Talk: Lassi A. Liikkanen, author of “The Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design”

Today on Sauna Talk, we’re pleased to welcome Lassi A. Liikkanen, author of “The Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design”. The book is just now being released, end of April 2021.

We start our conversation in a good place, with Lassi’s early beginnings of sauna (before he could walk). And we transition into the definition of sauna, which for listeners new to sauna, is a great place for understanding.

We layout what is a sauna from a design perspective. For example, the sauna heater is usually visible, and a center point of the sauna..

löyly is the essence of sauna.

A sauna room is typically built out of wood.

Up until 60 – 70 years ago, sauna was the place for both birth and death.

We talk about how in this time of remote work, many are using their home saunas as offices. There is usually a sauna in most apartments in Finland, and traditionally, saunas in apartments and homes are one room usually operated as primary function, just a couple hours a few times a week. The rest of the time it is sitting still. They have natural bench systems, ideal for sitting and home offices.

The small integrated sauna. In apartments. Nothing under 30 square feet. We discuss the 50 square foot sauna, either 7×7 or 8×6 as a “good size” for most use case. During our Sauna Talk: Lassi A. Liikkanen, author of “The Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design”, divides his book into four sections. He calls it:

The Four-Leaf Clover Model of Great Sauna Design:

  1. heat
  2. air quality
  3. interior design
  4. culture & company
The Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design

The unified definition of sauna. It would be great if those things that aren’t sauna could be called something different than sauna, to help clear up misconceptions about the practice as well as the reported health benefits.

Lassi and Glenn – Sauna Talk

Episode will launch on conventional podcast platforms on May 1, 2021, but it is available now on YouTube here.

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  1. Glenn: quick question. For a well-insulated outdoor sauna as detailed in your guide: how hot might the outside surfaces get? Long story short, my neighborhood building rules would have me clad my proposed sauna in vinyl siding to match my house. Would the siding melt or otherwise get destroyed over time beyond normal wear and tear?

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