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Sauna Talk: Lewis Jenkinson shares his heart and soul of good sauna

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Today’s Sauna Talk podcast episode is with Lewis Jenkinson, who shares with us his heart and soul of good sauna. Please welcome Lewis Jenkinson who is coming to us from the absolute midpoint of England, just North of Manchester. With the rise in interest of sauna – real sauna – (not lightbulbs, toaster ovens, or other minimally ventilated fragmentations), it’s interesting to learn how others have become impassioned with and driven towards advancing the authentic sauna experience in their lives.

Lewis deploying one of his mobile saunas in the UK public domain

It’s a simple formula, really. And In Lewis’ case, his drive towards authentic sauna was propelled through his resonating positivity of contrast therapy. We’ll hear his journey while marshal arts training, then cold immersion therapy, and onto the sauna bench. Lewis’s unfulfilling sauna experience at the gym sauna, heated by a toaster oven with 9 rocks and terrible ventilation, has driven him deep into the depths of discovery into the authentic, quality sauna experience.

Many of us curious enough can become knowledgeable about good sauna and are in clear understanding of the Holy Trinity of good sauna (heat, steam, ventilation). And Lewis is right there with us, a kindred spirit of good heat.

Lewis Jenkinson and Glenn Sauna Talk

Sauna Talk topics for discussion

  1. Trip to Germany: “Oh boy this was incredible.” We get to hear about his visit to Therma Erding, the World’s largest spa, just outside Munich, Germany.
  1. History with Sauna, getting hooked and mental wellbeing: What started with martial arts, Lewis then studied diet and exercise. He soon moved into cold water therapy and breathing techniques, which naturally brought him to discover sauna. All his adult life he has unknowingly been searching for powerful ways to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and Insomnia. As Lewis was later diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD, this quest for peace made total sense. 
  1. Cedar Sauna Company – Lewis knew that he needed his own sauna so he started a mobile sauna company to share with the UK but then began to import and build barrels from Russia. He realized not to rely on imports and so Lewis studied full sauna construction. Company enquiries are flooding in and the company is going from strength to strength quite rapidly.
  1. Sauna in the UK: The scene is growing quickly. There is a huge rise in mobile sauna businesses. Lewis manages a What’s App group with his friend Sarah. The What’s App group was created to help mobile sauna entrepreneurs set up and run their own businesses, through sharing information with other business owners. In true British fashion, the UK seems to be moulding its own sauna culture taken from cultures all over the world including Russian, Finnish, Estonian, Lithuanian and German styles.
  1. What is good heat? “It must be manageable and breathable.” A heat which initially seems mild but creeps up on you almost imperceptibly, sending your heart rate higher and higher until you have to leave. A cold plunge is essential and the thought of which helps me to keep with the heat a little longer.

Fairly new to sauna? This infographic was developed by Glenn and Lewis in 2019, to help those new to sauna navigate themselves through a good sauna experience.

Please click here to familiarize yourself with the 6 steps to help you enjoy your sauna experience.

sauna tips
Sauna Tips infographic.

Recurring Sauna Talk questions

Mobile sauna anywhere in the world – someone already said outer space, which would be serene but I’m gonna go with a winter riverside landscape with lots of people. Everyone would be invited to strip off and enjoy the sweat.

Sauna with anyone – his late grandfather, Edgar. “He was a stoker for the navy so I recon he would have taken to sauna quite easily.”

Favourite sauna moment – cold plunge, before or after. This is where the world goes quiet for me. My normally racing thoughts go quiet and it feels like pure serenity. Sauna helps me to spend longer meditating in the cold.

What is most misunderstood about sauna? “that it is intense. It shouldn’t be. It should feel as relaxing as a warm bath on a cold day.”

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