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Sauna Talk: Mika and Wendy from Great Britain

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The Sauna Talk global cross continent series continues

We are pleased to welcome Mika Meskanen and his partner Wendy Liu to this joint podcast. We are publishing this episode on Sauna Talk as well as on their new podcast. Mika and Wendy are fresh on the beginnings of their enterprise entitled: Saunawave where they look to be “hosting meetings with remarkable heat seekers and embark on secret journeys to explore the new wave of global sauna culture”. As a designer and an architect they are also keen to craft sauna experiences that are both innovative and true to tradition.

This conversation happened via tele computer, late 2020. Glenn was sitting close to his Minneapolis backyard sauna and Mika and Wendy tuning in from their London home.

We had a warm visit. Mika and Wendy were inquisitive about the American sauna culture and environment. Here, we talk about the Sauna Belt in the US, which compares only to the bible belt, rust belt, and other belts mentioned by Mika, only in comparative context that they are belts.

We discuss how the best saunas are the ones that get used

Mika is founder of the British Sauna Society. He and Wendy are a couple who have helped bring a growing and enthusiastic group of British sauna enthusiasts together. Mika by all rights should fill out a waiver form. As he is a Finn living in Great Britain, he has an inside track as to what good sauna means as it is surely in his DNA. Yet who better to lead the charge of the British Sauna Society. Wendy is a fearless and open-minded sauna explorer as well as a front-page ice free diver. Mika and Wendy are kind and thoughtful. They are kindred spirits. They understand and value the depth sauna. The soul of sauna, the goodness behind good sauna, and the sanctity of sauna. Authentic sauna.

Mike and Glenn outside Kotiharjun Sauna, Helsinki, Finland. (photo: Wendy, Mika’s cold swim partner in crime)

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2 thoughts on “Sauna Talk: Mika and Wendy from Great Britain”

  1. I have an indoor sauna and the floor is concrete. I wanted to use himalayan salt bricks and course salt gratings as the flooring. I know that salt is not good on concrete, so I was wondering on what I should do to prevent the salt from damaging the concrete?

  2. I’m not big on salt in hot room, Amber. It’s out of my jurisdiction. What I do know is that in places near oceans, etc. it’s super super bad that any salt water comes in contact with the sauna stove. Sauna stoves become like a 1977 Buick Skylark in Buffalo, NY… rust! And Rust Never Sleeps, especially as metal on salt warms. So salt anywhere near a sauna stove is not something I think is a good idea. Sorry if this is sounding brackish, and hope this info. helps.

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