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Sauna Talk: Tom Rolando

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I couldn’t be happier to share this inaugural episode of Sauna Talk.  We are joined on the bench today with Tom Rolando.  Tom is best known as Chief Operating Officer for Wisdom Adhesives.

During this episode we Sauna Talk about topics including:

  • How to manage 2,000 customers in your Iphone.  “Get with it, get on with the task.”
  • The Iron Range:  218 natural history and culture.  Sauna is what you did.
  • International Falls:  Frostbite Falls.
  • Pooner:  Tom’s father and example of “Do what you love, and you’ll be great at it.”
  • Daryl Lamppa and the Kuuma Stove.
  • The magic of Lake Superior.  “The body of water is like non other.”
  • Building the Lake Superior Sauna.

Tom’s sauna build was the foundation for the Saunatimes “Build your own sauna ebook.”  Documenting and focusing on the complete process, start to Finnish, about building your own sauna.

As we talk about Tom’s sauna build we uncover how we tackle the sauna building process in phases: I built from the hot room out.  Everything was a feel.  A number of phases, always a work in progress.

The door handle:

The cool down, the changing room:

A four hour sauna session.

The end of round two.  Keep the Octoberfest.  The best beer you’ll ever had.

Tom’s books:

  • Pooner.  The life of Pooner Rolando
  • The Wisdom Way.  6 guiding principles – a winning formula on how to do business.

To order Tom’s books, call Wisdom Adhesives at 847-841-7002 or email them here.

A duck looks like it’s moving effortlessly, but the feet move fast underneath the water.

Heart rate in a sauna.

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