Sauna Talk with Scott Raisanen, Commercial Sales Manager Tylo/Helo

It was a cold Minnesota winter’s evening when we gathered in my backyard sauna.  We get started talking about the cold, sort out our beers for the night, talk about making nICE mugs, and Minnesota Wild apparel.

I hope you stay with us, as we settle into our sauna session.

Though Scott grew up surrounded by sauna in Minnesota, he landed in Finland on his 20th birthday for a year abroad.  There, Scott got seasoned with sauna in the ‘ole country tradition, solidifying a profession in the sauna business.  Today, as commercial Sales Manager Tylo/Helo, Cokato MN.  Scott has seen his fair share of sauna:  “If you don’t have a good sauna heater, you don’t have a good sauna.”

“I’ve walked away from sales because it wasn’t done correctly.”

A kick ass sauna:  It’s way less than the price of a car.  What’s the big deal?

Rule of thumb:  At the lake, never lock your sauna building.  It’s good karma to have a sauna ready in case someone runs into problems on the lake.  Snowmobile breakdown, slush, cross country ski issues, etc.

The 2′ wide sauna door.  Optimal.

A mobile sauna at the beach in Southern California.  Why not?  The water is cold.

612 Sauna Society – bringing mobile sauna to unexpected places.

The ultimate mobile sauna:  built on a trailer where the wheels can tuck up underneath, allowing the sauna to sit on grade.  Lightweight, pick it up and go.

Could sauna become as popular as Coldplay?  We tread lightly down the infrared line of thinking.

Cleaning a sauna – The Sauna Clean from Finland.  Great product to add a dab to a bucket of warm water and clean your benches with a brush.  An old dry towel to wipe it clean.

The Bodhi Spa – Newport, RI

This spa features what is described as the “Water Journey” which for $55 includes unlimited access to the following…

  • Epsom Salt Pool – 104 degrees
  • Dead Sea Salt Pool – 98 degrees
  • Cold Plunge Pool – 55 degrees
  • Aromatherapy Steam Room
  • Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna
  • Traditional Dry Sauna
  • Relaxation Room
  • 2000 square foot outdoor Zen garden
  • Robes, towels, sandals, private lockers
  • Private showers with organic body & hair wash
  • NO TIME LIMIT – Stay as long as you like

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Finnleo Sauna.
Helo Sauna.
TyloHelo World Group.

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2 thoughts on “Sauna Talk with Scott Raisanen, Commercial Sales Manager Tylo/Helo”

  1. Sweat? Yup I sweat a lot in an infrared sauna! I love Finnish sauna and have that as well. Please don’t be prudish about how one sweats, times do change!


  2. I wonder if the Turks liked the way the Finn’s sweat, cleansed and relaxed? Anyway great blogcast and I’ve read Mikkels’ book………..really enjoyed the interview. Thank you


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