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Alma sauna builders helps connect people to nature through sauna

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Guest post series continues. We are pleased to introduce Alma Saunas. Located in Portland, OR, the Alma posse are a collaborative duo. “With decades of experience traveling the world and building everything from fine furniture to skateparks, tiny homes, and art installations, we used our combined skills to create something that evokes a sense of feeling. Through our research we learned that not all saunas are created equal. One session with Alma Saunas and you’ll surely understand the difference.” Enter Alma saunas:

What compelled you to build your own sauna?

The combination of health benefits associated with frequent sauna use and our passion for woodworking were two main motivators for building these mobile saunas. Both of us are skateboarders, outdoorsmen, and proponents of natural healing. We recognized that this project would not only help us cope with injuries and muscle soreness from skating, but also allow us to slow our busy lives, relax, and enjoy traditional sauna in many different natural settings. 

How did you find saunatimes and give us a few examples where the DIY ebook helped you out?

We came across saunatimes on the web during our search for sauna related content and various build considerations.  The E-book aided our understanding of ventilation/air movement in a wood fired sauna, the insulation choices, and the importance of the changing room as a thermal barrier.

What were the biggest 1-2 challenges for your sauna build?

The design and fabrication of the folding porches was one aspect of the project that had us stumped for a while. The mobile shower system also took some time to figure out. We wanted a shower system that was lightweight, compact, and could be set up in different configurations depending on where the saunas are parked. 

What aspects of your sauna are you most proud of?

The two-tone shou sugi ban and cedar siding, the insulation/how well the saunas hold heat, and the detail work of our hot room door handles and custom ladles.

Do you plan on building more saunas?

Yes, Alma offers design-build services and we will continue to host events with the goal of connecting people to nature through sauna. 

If you could bring a mobile sauna anywhere in the world, where would you bring it and sauna?

The Swiss Alps and Maine. 

The builders are Jeremy Tuffli and Joey Pepper. Their website is 

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