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Chilling out from hypertension: lower your blood pressure by 20 points – top and bottom – with this sauna therapy

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Guest post series continues.

Pleased to introduce my long time good friend, Jeff.

Jeff was a realtor back in 1989, representing the seller of an island on Lake Vermilion, Northern Minnesota.  My wife (girlfriend at the time) saw the real estate listing on a Thursday morning and we sat in Jeff’s office and signed the purchase agreement that evening.  We were both taken with Jeff’s honesty and straightforwardness.  Though representing the seller, he clearly displayed a “win/win” philosophy that we appreciated with such a big financial dealing.  What’s more is that we clicked as friends.  After closing, and for many years now, we’d welcome Jeff’s visits, along with his long time black lab companion Natta Tikkanen.

What’s more is that Jeff helped me transition from Scandinavia sauna to Minnesota sauna.  Jeff introduced me to the Kuuma sauna stove, handcrafted and built in the heart of Tower, MN (pop. 386).  Jeff was born on the lake, can cruise any shoreline and tell you as many stories as you care to hear.  He doesn’t revert to gossip -he knows a ton of people.  He doesn’t crash any boats – he knows where every rock is.

Enter Jeff:

118Hi My Name is Jeff Hill, Friends call me da bunk. I m a Sauna user and advocate of SaunaTimes.  Glenn and family and myself go back along way in The sauna industry and the founder of da Insta Cabin which we will talk about in another post.

I my latest discovery and a big item in da Fin news right now is the benefits of the Sauna for health. I suffer from Hyper Tension (Hi Blood pressure} my normal BP runs about 150/94 which is way to way hi, says Doc Viny Voom votz. the norm is 140/80 or the base line lower is better but not too low den u go into shock, dats not good.
My amazing discovery is to mix a solution of Garlic and cinnamon in a glass of water, using the microwave speeds up the process for dissolving and mixing, No special amount a little experimentation and u will get the formula dats right for u.. Than take  dis mixture and pour into your water bucket that u use for steam on da rocks, then just sit back and inhale deeply through da nose and enjoy the benefits. Nose clean no snot in dare. Eyes may water and itch a bit if u use too much garlic keeps vampires a way too.
Know for me this lowers my blood pressure by 20 points on each number top and bottom, no need to explain that doctor will tell ya dats a good thing. Very important is the gradual kool down slow but sure not to fast works best for me after ten minutes u check your pressure on your heart pump den let Glen da Sauna Master know your results n he will put dem on dat dare internet site u got going.
Dats all for Now, more when the Clinical results start pouring in. Happy Sauna times
J Da Bunk Hill

Jeff, why Garlic and Cinnamon?

garlic and cinnamon is a well known natural preventive for heart disease and controlling BP. so i fiugred why not a cocktail with immediate entry  with steam into the cardio vascular system.
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