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Homestead Saunas brings the heat to Lake Geneva Wisconsin

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Let’s revisit with SaunaTimes contributor Kev from Lake Geneva Wisconsin, home to Homestead Saunas. Welcome Kev!

The Geneva Lake, Wisconsin area has been a summer resort playground for over a century, and for good reason. The beautiful glacial, spring-fed lake is deep, clean, and clear. During sweltering Chicago summers, families like the Wrigleys, Schwinns, Swifts, and Mortons ventured north to enjoy the ‘natural’ air conditioning from their palatial summer retreats.

After Labor Day, the area quiets for the lucky locals who call this area home. Despite the abundance of priceless boats and high-end water toys strewn along Geneva Lake’s shoreline, what you won’t see is the traditional wood-fired saunas that rim most Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin lakes.

But change is in the air.

Homestead Saunas mobilize

In a small farm town on the outskirts of Geneva Lake sits Homestead Saunas, where owners Gloria Nash and Kyle Goos have created and built the first mobile sauna in the area. I met Gloria and Kyle at an outdoor farmers market one Friday morning. Because of their sauna’s mobility, they’re able to attend events, and set up on location, often with access to the spectacular lake. The rest of the time, their sauna resides at their historic homestead (why it’s named Homestead Saunas ). Here sauna and cold plunge are one of their many healing offerings. Yoga, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, massage therapy, and healthy living complete the Homestead Sauna experience.

Built by Kyle on a car trailer frame, the sauna is quite massive. I was quite impressed with both design and craftsmanship. The smell of cedar permeates the changing room and the spacious sauna area. Two levels of benches create seating for six. Using the powerful Estonian HUUM stove blows away even seasoned sauna users. The HUUM is a beautiful stove (see photo) with outstanding performance. Over 300 lbs of rock create a strong thermal mass and smooth Loyly.

Packing an Estonian Huum punch inside the Homestead mobile sauna

Future plans

Kyle and Gloria plan to use the sauna as part of their Homestead offerings and events, as well as providing rental availability for on location use. Kyle is looking ahead to several new projects, including another mobile sauna as well as traditional stationary saunas.

It’s good to witness the increasing growth of the sauna business, particularly in places that weren’t traditionally interested. Although I’ve enjoyed using my tent saunas along Geneva Lake’s shoreline for years, I’m happy to know there are more permanent offerings available. It means the sauna business continues heating up in new ways (pun intended). 

Congratulations to Gloria and Kyle, as well as the many other new sauna entrepreneurs popping up across the US. These creative businesses expand awareness and opportunity for all of us interested in the community, health benefits, and joy of sauna. The more the merrier!

Gloria and Kyle greeting guests at Homestead Saunas

Editor’s note: fresh in from Geneva Lake barefoot waterskiing, we thank SaunaTimes correspondent Kev for this on sight review.

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