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In Japan, 7th March is called the Sauna Day, where over 25 million Japanese people like saunas.

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There are various types of sauna in the world such as Banya in Russia, Hamam in Turkey, Hanjeungmak in Korea. The sauna gives us great benefits, and sauna lovers are looking forward to the saunas which are still unseen.

We hope you add Japanese sauna to your enjoyment.

We, the Japan Sauna Institute, aim to contribute to the health and peace of the people around the world by conducting research on and promoting all related to the sauna. 

The Japanese are sauna enthusiasts. In Japan, 7th March is called the Sauna Day. Surprisingly, our survey revealed that over 25 million Japanese people like saunas.

Japanese people have become familiar with sauna bathing from ancient times. Moreover, a custom to go to a public bath with sauna called “Sento” from 400 years ago penetrated, and keeps our health till the 21st century.

Nowadays the number of “Sento” renewed in modern style began to increase, bringing a new stimulation in bathing habits.

Hey, you sauna lovers, why don’t you meet a new sauna?
Japan Sauna Institute (instagram:

Photo by: Yuichiro Ogura (

Model: Miyako Sono Sakae-Yu, Tokyo

Editor’s note: visiting with Ray, Japan Sauna Institute:

“The reason we call march 7th  “Sauna Day”  is that we pronounce the number “3”  “San” and the number “7”   “Nana”…. sa and na… i.e. pun.”

“All persons I know who love sauna is gentle and kind. No sauna lover is horrible.”

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