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Löyly Floating Sauna, British Columbia, Canada

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Let’s meet Jess and Nick from Löyly Floating Sauna based on Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada.

What compelled you to build your own floating sauna?

Nick is Finnish, so the sauna culture has always been an important part of his life.

Last year, after we visited a floating sauna in Derby, Tasmania, we started talking about what a cool idea it would be to have one in the Okanagan. I
was born and raised here in the Valley, so I knew the community needed something new and exciting to get through the gloomy winter months.

What were the biggest 1-2 challenges for your sauna build?

Nick is a chef /bike mechanic and Jess is a clinical counsellor so the biggest challenge was the build itself. Thankfully Jess’s father has built houses his whole life and was there every step of the process! The other hard part was building the floating sauna on land and not knowing how it would float once we craned it into the water. 

Tell us something specific about your sauna that makes you especially proud.

Well let’s start with the fact that it’s floating, how cool is that?!?

We’re also in love with the floor to ceiling window at the front of the sauna. The views you get from it are breathtaking. The big window at the front of the sauna that gives breathtaking views of the valley! Also that it is floating!

Any regrets or do overs?

We didn’t expect there to be so much water in the warming area and sauna so we’d probably rethink the floors to help with drainage.

Thankfully the ones we have are waterproof and we were able to put in some drains after the fact!

It’s all learning that we can apply to the next one :).

Tell us a little about your heat and operations

The heater sits at 75 celsius and around 80c with the loyly. 30-45%. Turns on at 6.30am each morning, ready for the first session at 8am, it turns off at 8pm after our last 7-8pm session. 7 days a week. Homecraft revive 9KW, has not missed a beat since we opened Christmas eve. 

If you bring a floating sauna anywhere in the world, what’s the first place that comes to mind?

We love hitting the slopes, so a couple of the mountain resorts in the Kootenays for an Aprés-ski would be pretty epic.

Nick, you have an interesting last name. Are you of Jamaican descent and what is better sauna music, ambient downtempo or 1980s Jamaican dub?

Rastas is actually Finnish. We are usually playing some chill hop or instrumental old school hip hop. 

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