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Sauna plus massage: double the relaxation, double the benefits

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Guest post series continues.  Welcome Chris, from Fremont College who would like to share some thoughts on the benefits of sauna PLUS massage.  Enter Chris:

When it comes to pampering oneself after a tiring day or week, there are two things that pop up in the minds of many who are looking to de-compress: sauna and massage. Now more than ever, more and more people are discovering the benefits of having the two at the same time.

For those looking to spoil themselves, it used to be more common to have a massage and then sauna . hers would enjoy spending a few minutes in a sauna and then enjoy a massage afterwards. No matter if it is sauna or massage first, there is no denying that doing one after the other can result in relaxation like no other. For many, enjoying these two consecutively is a wonderful way to zap their stress.

Recently, however, there is a growing number of day spas that offer a combination of sauna and massage. Yes, you have pictured it in your mind correctly: it’s spending time in the sauna while being massaged! For many, this make perfect sense. According to Fremont College, “The purpose of massage is to enhance the general health and well-being of the recipient.” Combine massage with the many benefit of a sauna and we may end up with a winning combination.

Getting to Know the Humble Beginnings of Sauna and Massage

While it may seem as though the concept of getting a massage while inside the sauna room is relatively a new thing, this practice has been around ever since saunas came into being.

In some countries it is common practice for those who are inside saunas to gently slap their bodies with towels that are perfumed with nice-smelling essential oils in order to further boost circulation in certain areas of the body. This practice is particularly effective for muscles that are feeling tired, swollen and stiff. Some rely on large plant leaves that are believed to possess circulation- and relaxation-enhancing properties in order to augment the soothing abilities of saunas.

If you frequent local saunas, chances are you have already seen people giving themselves massages – it’s not uncommon for you to spot a few fellow sauna fanatics giving their feet, calves, shoulders and other accessible body parts a quick massage while sweating out their stresses inside the sauna.

It is evident that the combination of sauna and massage is not entirely a new thing. The pairing of the two has become more and more popular at day spas.

massage therapy before sauna at Fremont College

Pairing Sauna and Massage Helps Save Time

There is no denying that doing the two stress-busting activities in a row compliments the benefits of each other. For instance, having a massage after spending a few minutes inside the sauna room makes it so much easier for the muscles to be manipulated by the massage therapist, thus making a massage a lot more effective.

Unfortunately, not all people have plenty of time to spare – some are on a crunch time while inside their favorite day spas, thus keeping them from having all the pampering their stressed minds and body are calling for.

This is when the biggest benefits of the pairing of sauna and massage steps into the scene, and that’s the fact that their combination is a phenomenal time saver! Like hitting two birds with one stone, where getting the many perks offered by a sauna while at the same time giving us the benefits of massage.

Not Only for De-Stressing

The many benefits of getting a massage inside the sauna room are the same as those as getting one after the other. The only difference is that we get to enjoy those perks all at the same time, and oftentimes amplified, too!

It is not just for combating stress why more and more people these days are after the nifty combination of sauna and massage.

For instance, the pairing of the two can be very beneficial for individuals who are looking to shed off unwanted pounds and make their figures look more appealing. We all know how spending time in the sauna can help get rid of water weight and at the same time accelerate the metabolism, thus enabling the body to burn more calories in half the time. Getting a massage while in the sauna room helps in stretching and lengthening the muscles much more effectively – it’s exactly the reason why many who like to look more slender take Pilates.

Combining sauna and massage is also perfect for athletes or fitness buffs whose muscles and joints are commonly abused. It’s no secret among very physically active people how effective both sauna and massage are in getting rid of muscle soreness and joint stiffness. If the two modes are conducted all at the same time, then the benefits can be enjoyed without having to spend more time.

Insomnia, chronic pain, arthritis, auto-immune problems, depression, anxiety – these and more can be remedied with the combination of sauna and massage

Sauna and massage at Fremont College

The Two Also Make You Look Awesome

Some people hit day spas in order to look their best. Well, getting a massage inside the sauna room is one excellent beauty regimen that can provide awesome results in no time.

It’s no secret that sauna helps in removing toxins out of the body by means of the skin, and it’s common knowledge that toxin accumulation within is one of the reasons behind so many beauty issues. While in the sauna room, the flushing out of toxins can be augmented by a massage done by an experienced massage therapist.

At the same time, getting massaged inside the sauna room enhances the supply of oxygen and nutrient to the skin, giving you a noticeable glow as soon as you step foot outside the day spa!


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