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Sauna poetry from Northern Vermont

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Guest post series continues, we are pleased to welcome Joe, who shares his poetry in motion from Northern Vermont.

Hi Glenn,

We had chatted a couple years ago, I’d discovered your site after completing my sauna but enjoy visiting it on occasion.

A short about me and how “sauna” came into my life: I grew up in Southern NH/Northern Mass. In that area there were a lot of Finns and just about everyone took sauna. One of the houses I rented (in my much younger days) had an original stone fireplace sauna. It was very basic, but perfect.

Fast forward a bunch of years and I relocated to Northern Vermont. First order of business was to dig the pond (about 20 years ago). It took a number of years to establish the sauna proper and then came the “between rounds bungalow.”

Sauna (right) and between rounds bungalow (left) guarding Joe’s Northern Vermont pond

There isn’t a huge sauna culture in this area but slowly people are “getting it.” The best times are when friends from where I grew up (Finns actually) come to visit. This is a great way to reminisce and relax, talking of younger (wilder) days. Best regards, Joe.

Here are a couple more pictures.

Vaso constriction therapy station steps from Joe’s sauna.
Between rounds bungalow crash pad

Finnish Sauna

Winter’s crisp air deep bite.
Sauna entices, a still night.

Olden style, with wood heat.
Cedar lined, space complete.

Wood split, endless supply.
Pail with ladle set near by.

Fire sparked, room’s aglow.
Wooden seat, lofty and low.

Heating slowly, it takes time.
No rush, experience sublime.

Aromas fill, flooding senses.
Forgotten day drop defenses.

Vapors roll off ceiling high.
Worries drift, uttered sigh.

Time slips, there’s no rush.
Glowing flame, quiet hush.

Pores opened, minds at ease.
Outside step, embrace freeze.

Bathed in snow toe to head.
Senses awake, our skin red.

Afternoon engulfed in steam.
Sunday’s over, perfect theme.

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