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exiting sauna in steam

Sauna is more than a hot room

As sauna becomes more and more popular, more and more sauna enthusiasts are recognizing that sauna is more than a hot room. In addition to

fall sauna cold lake plunge

The Sauna Cool Down

Cooling down between sauna rounds is vitally important. Here’s why we sauna enthusiasts love and enjoy the cool down.

pouring water on hair

Sauna tip #7: get your hair wet

As we settle into our first sauna round on the sauna bench, or before we even step into the sauna for round one, many sauna

woman relaxing in sauna

What happens to your body after using a sauna

Guest post series continues.  Please welcome Rudy Dewatine from  Enter Rudy: For many years, saunas have been seen as keys to obtaining a healthy lifestyle.

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