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Mobile sauna to a party near you

If it’s possible, you do it. Creating an ‘up north’ authentic sauna vibe where ever you need it, whenever you need it.

Sauna for the ages

Saunas are great for all ages.  In sauna, age doesn’t matter. I opened the sauna door at my cabin sauna last evening to a full

Wheeling around the mobile sauna

For a great 3D blueprint of an awesome mobile sauna or backyard stationary sauna design, click here. The intention is to get folks to try

The mobile sauna: January 1, 2010

I am excited to announce that the first mobile Finnish sauna will be idling warmly as part of the annual New Year’s Day polar plunge

Kids in the sauna

“Ummm.. I think I want to take another round.” My 10 year old had a friend over.  My son is no stranger to the sauna,

Rainy day sauna at the cabin

Not sure where it came from, but hanging on our cabin wall is a little sign that reads: cabin (ka ben) n. 1. a place

Saunas: the power of the number three

There are so many “threes” relating to saunas: Three major attributes of saunas. Health and Wellness Escape Fun Three sauna rounds make for a complete

Sauna party: Friday afternoons

Some like saunas in the mornings, others before bed, and most enjoy a nice sauna after a workout or running.  Not all these times are

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