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Tag: Sauna Sweat Therapy

Bikram Choudhury

Bikram Yoga: gateway drug to sauna

Say what you like about Bikram Choudhury.  His fans call him an egomaniac, a multi-millionaire yogi blowhard, yogi’s biggest asshole, the Pablo Escobar of yoga. 

aquarius sauna

Sauna in Physical Therapy Practice

Physical Therapists (PTs) play essential roles in today’s health care environment and are recognized as vital providers of rehabilitation, habilitation, prevention and risk reduction services.

SAUNA – A Psychoanalytic Point of View

No thorough examination of the meaning of sauna would be complete without including the classic paper by Finnish psychiatrist, P. Sorri. Sorri (1988) wrote a


Can Sauna Improve Your Personality?

Ever meet somebody and tell them you’re into sauna to which they respond, “I just don’t like to sweat.” Ever wonder what that’s all about?

Yvette Sauna

Sauna Meditation

There are several qualities of the sauna experience that are conducive to meditation and that make the combination, especially intense. Think Extreme Meditation. The intense


Sweat Therapy Audio (STA) is an audio recording designed to be listened to with a personal audio player using headphones in a Finnish-style sauna. STA

Sweat Therapy Theory

The Sweat Therapy Theoretical Model explains the mechanism for how sweat practices work to cause therapeutic effects. The model begins with examination of cultural priming.

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