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Another hotel sauna thrown under the bus.

light steam graphic

8′ ceiling.

No upper bench.

I was revved up for a salesman-on-the-road hotel sauna, but luckily I followed hotel sauna procedure and checked out the sauna before going to my hotel room.  Instead of this lame ass sauna, I went to bed dreaming of my own authentic backyard sauna awaiting me back home.

Is this how Yoga instructors feel when they walk by a class and see people standing on their heads straining themselves? ¬†“If only they could experience authentic Yoga!”


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3 thoughts on “Another hotel sauna thrown under the bus.”

  1. Wonder if there’d be a business retrofitting hotel saunas.
    With $300 in lumber and half a day’s work, I would:
    1) lower ceiling to 7′ – any higher ceiling is just dead space that traps desired heat.
    2) reconfigure ‘L” benches for stadium seating.
    3) install the crucial upper bench.

    For those of us into sauna, it’s like sitting on a decent bicycle seat before attempting to ride 100 miles.

  2. T. Funny guy. I think the bridge was the hotel manager’s way of answering the demand for “extra seating”.

    How about this: part of the Twin City Sauna Club dues go to help pay for a “sauna specialist” who drives from hotel to hotel – helping bring up to speed all these lame ass hotel saunas.

    After work is completed, put a “saunatimes approved” stamp on the bench, and in JW style, marks “paid” on the invoice and leaves it at the front desk.

    Pay it sauna forward.

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