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How about a sauna tent for your own health and wellness backyard retreat?

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The folks at Morzh in Russia sent me an advance copy of their new sauna tent.

I felt bad because it sat in my office in Minneapolis for too long, while I was sequestered at my island cabin. Then, when the ice started to come in at the lake, and I retreated back to Minneapolis, I kept glancing at the sauna tent boxes, and could hear them asking me to open them up and get it going.

“I’ll get the Morzh sauna tent put up when the snow flies.” I told myself.

The first snow of the season. Note the neglected backyard deck.

I thought “I don’t need instructions” and for the most part I didn’t. I have to admit, thought, that I cheated and “phoned a friend.” Brother Kev in Chicagoland was right there with me (actually, ahead of me). “Zip it up a couple feet at a time,” he instructed.” To support my efforts, I went to the Morzh YouTube video, just to see how to integrate the two long poles with the tent (hint: listen to Kev: zip it up!).

Note the boxes, neatly packed and sealed from Russia, and delivered safely to my backyard via the good folks at DHL
The two main poles to the Morzh sauna tent get zipped up along the outside sleeve of the tent.

“I got this!” I told myself, and for the most part, I did. Once the two poles are in place, with criss cross design, the tent is fully formed. I kept hearing Kev’s voice in my head “it takes me about 10-15 minutes to put it up, or take it down.”

Alas, the Morzh sauna tent, fully deployed and ready for action.

So, how’s the heat?

I think the heat is great! Anyone that knows Saunatimes knows that we take heat very close to our bones. There is a ton of bad heat out there, and marginalization of “sauna.” However, the folks at Morzh know good heat. And the Morzh makes great heat. More video action coming soon.

Interested in your own Morzh sauna tent?

At around $1,000 USD, I think a Morzh sauna tent is a great deal. Matter of fact, Morzh gave me a coupon code for you to use, which I’m super happy to share with you. To order your own Morzh sauna tent:

  1. Go to Morzh, the official web page of the manufacturer, link here.
  2. At check out, enter the coupon code: SAUNATIMES21

Bonus: Saunatimes free Morzh Tent giveaway!

Saunatimes is looking to pay it forward. Anybody who purchases a Morzh sauna tent between now and January 15, 2022 will automatically go into the running for a FREE MORZH SAUNA TENT! How cool would it that be? You invest in your own Morzh sauna tent, then *boom* you win one to give to a friend!

The Morzh staff ships these sauna tents f-a-s-t.

Benefits of a Morzh sauna tent:

  1. Cost: about $1k.
  2. Heat: it’s really good.
  3. Nature: If you can’t bring nature to you, bring your Morzh sauna tent to nature.
  4. Quality: these tents hold up. The Intent stove kicks ass.
  5. Super mobile: No DMV plates or trailer hitches.
  6. Compact: fits in the back of a sedan.

For more Morzh action, please check out Brother Kev’s awesome Morzh (Walrus) Tent Sauna Review From The Shores Of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin sauna tent here.

UPDATE: 12/23/21:

Well, there I was thinking it was time to disassemble my Morzh Sauna Tent, and put it in storage until a winter Wim Hof retreat. But I just couldn’t do it… yet! I told myself: “one more Morzh sauna session, then I’ll take it down.” Let’s take a walk through, and I can show you 5 cool features of the Morzh Sauna Tent:

Five features of the Morzh Sauna Tent

The Five Features

  1. Strategically placed vents
  2. Non-Zip door tuck fold
  3. Glass door add on
  4. Lämpömassa rock tray holder
  5. Wall window
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10 thoughts on “How about a sauna tent for your own health and wellness backyard retreat?”

  1. Hi Glen, I bought and paid for the Sauna plans a year or two ago and the plans i received didn’t seem complete I found a few sketches that are hard to read but no real plans. I tried to log in to your site but must not be a member. Wondering if I’m not looking at the right information?
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Christopher:

    My ebook is focused on how to build a sauna. The book is not Ikea style, in terms of page by page hard plans to follow. The spirit of the book is to provide a detail foundation on how to build a sauna, while at the same time allowing for the DIY builder to customize the size and design that works for them.

    I’m not sure what you mean about “tried to log in to your site.” We are all members, and you are free to read all the material on Please try using the search bar for relevant content to your questions.

  3. Hi Glenn,
    After enjoying our backyard sauna w/kuuma stove over the holidays I sent my son the link to “sauna tent” post. Wow, he acted quickly, ordered one and had it setup/operational in less than a week! He didn’t enter the special code at checkout – can you pull some strings to get him entered?

  4. Hi JD:

    My Morzh is holding up like a champ. Right now, it’s buried in fresh snow here in Minneapolis. I’ll knock off the snow before I fire it up. I use my sauna tent for quicker saunas. It’s like owning a bicycle and a car. I’ll ride the bike (sauna tent) for quick action, and drive the car (backyard sauna) for more serious sauna action. Sauna vehicle nirvana.

    I’ve got a buddy in IL who keeps his sauna tent up all winter. No degradation of product or wear and tear. He’s had it up in big wind storms and it’s held together. I am going to take mine down, and dry it out inside before folding it up for storage. We will be deploying my sauna tent by an avanto, lakeside, soon. The coupon code SAUNATIMES21 is still active. on the official Morzh website.

    I think the price of the Morzh is well worth the investment. It’s about the best gateway drug to the authentic that I have experienced. It’s mobile, and inexpensive and gets one feelin’ the good heat. When one graduates to their own brick and mortar sauna, they can sell their tent sauna or keep it around for deployment out in Nature’s marketplace.

  5. Hi Glenn! We built a sauna in our backyard that we loved so much we turned it into a business!

    Our first location is opening next week in Toronto.

    Would love to chat and tell you more about our unique story!

    Thanks, Brian

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