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Sauna Share: your own kick ass sauna for a month, or two, or forever

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I am almost done building my third mobile sauna.

And this one is awesome!

I have collaborated with Eric Bongard, who had been building ice fish houses for decades. He is a Twin Cities based “ground up” welder, framer, insulator: a turn key producer who has pivoted from building ice fish houses to building saunas. Quality mobile saunas.

I am excited to share with you a concept called:

Sauna Share

What is sauna share?

You get your own mobile sauna for a month, or two or longer. Delivered to your backyard, cabin or Mother in Law’s driveway. Help me fill up the grid. Send a note below, noting the month in which you are interested, and I’ll follow up with you promptly.

Booking months right now (Twin Cities delivery only, at this time). Price: $1,200, with a $200 donation to the Sauna Research Institute or charity of your choice.

And here’s a prediction: Sign up for a month of “Sauna Share” and you will be transformed.

Authentic wood fired mobile sauna, deployed by the lakeshore, Lake Minnetonka, MN, USA December 2019

Want to jump right in and purchase your own mobile sauna?

For $9,300, you can have your own 7’x12′ shell delivered to you, so that you can “Finnish it” yourself. Here’s “Glenn.0,” the day I brought it to my house.

Click over to the right —->, to order my ebook “Sauna Build: from Start to Finnish.” I am currently working on the “Mobile Edition.” and once available, i’ll upgrade you with this edition, as a step by step instruction on how to turn your Voyageur Custom Mobile Sauna into your own mobile health and wellness retreat.

Here is early adopter Jon, with his own Sauna Share by the shores of Lake Minnetonka (until his own brick and mortar sauna is built):

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5 thoughts on “Sauna Share: your own kick ass sauna for a month, or two, or forever”

  1. I love your e-book. I am a carpenter so I know how to build but I also knew you all would have learned some things that I would learn the hard way. I was going to build an outdoor wood heated sauna but now I am thinking about converting a walk-in cooler that is in my barn. It is a double walled walk-in cooler from two old grocery stores, so 8 inches of foam wrapped in galvanized metal. It would be amazingly insulated. Any thoughts or concerns about that? thanks Shannon

  2. Hi Shannon;

    Glad the e-book is of value to you. It means a lot, especially as you are a carpenter. I enjoy dialoguing with carpenters as the nuances of sauna building are always open to other ideas and insights. This is how the book was built. So thank you for this, and we can communicate via

    Now as for 8″ of foam, i’m totally on board with your project. The main concern is venting. The Finns are crazy for venting the hot room, and I am as well. You’ll know how to punch in 2-3 vents to help encourage air flow, fresh air while taking sauna, as well as to circulate hot warm air out of your hot room. In the ebook, you’ll note standard dryer vents and custom vent “shute” covers which you’ll have fun making, out of remnant cedar paneling.

    Love your project, maybe take some photos along the way and we can do a guest post on saunatimes, if inspired.

  3. Hi Glen,
    I am a retired professional handcrafted log home builder. This summer my son and I built a handcrafted eight foot by eight foot log sauna which we would like to sell. If you know anyone that would be interested they can email me or call me at 218-316-2489.

  4. I love the voyageur mobile saunas. I’m thinking about getting the unfinished version as you did. How much cedar does it take to finish it out? Thanks.

  5. Hi Mike,

    I don’t remember the exact quantity of cedar. Forgive, but to help advance, as you think about it, you’ll benefit from 12’ers and 14’ers.

    There’s 16 boards per wall, for a 7′ tall wall… so.. well.. you know the math from there. Each 1×6 covers 5″… and don’t forget the ceiling, that’s 7’x12′ and they run using 12′ boards. And the common wall, too.

    Sauna onwards Mike!

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