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Saunatimes Mobile Sauna now available for lease in Minnesota

light steam graphic

There’s a new way to enjoy the heat with your family and friends.

How about having this 7’x12′ mobile sauna roll up to your driveway, backyard, cabin, or adjacent waterway?

Are you ready to experience this hand crafted sauna? I’ve built a bunch of saunas and assisted hundreds of others who have built their own saunas. I enjoy helping others achieve their dreams of experiencing the best sauna possible, and we can add you to the list!

Now you can have sauna a part of your personal health and wellness routine!

This is a really good sauna. I have taken into consideration all the building elements I’ve learned from 30 years of sauna building, with a sprinkle of a few nuances learned from my trip to Finland last year, where I was able to sauna with sauna experts, I brought back home a few subtle yet important elements of good sauna and have applied them to this sauna build.

I have been collaborating with an expert mobile builder, to help create the best possible mobile sauna for you.

Eric, Voyageur Custom Saunas, comes to the mobile sauna party with 30 years experience building ice fish houses. You can read more about Eric’s work here and here. Eric builds and welds his structures from the ground up. All aluminum chassis and framing, and a huge attention to quality and detail.

This is a hand crafted mobile sauna. Let’s step into the changing room.

mobile sauna changing room (with view into the hot room)

This changing room was designed by sauna takers, and sauna makers. Check out the deign elements, including the generous sized transom window, cool down bench, plenty of hooks and shelving for towels and accoutrements like water bottles and your cold brewski. When the hot room door is closed, we have a welcome connection from changing room to hot room. Let’s step into the sauna hot room and take a look:

Mobile sauna hot room: triple bench system

The not-to-be patented saunatimes triple bench system creates a seamless up and down access to hot room enjoyment. This is an example of how we have applied learnings (and brow beatings) from the sauna pros in Finland. The law of Löyly dictates that while sitting on the upper bench, one’s feet should be at the level of the sauna rocks (or forever hold our peace). We get almost there with this mobile sauna. Will you notice this advantage? Possibly. But either way, any Finn exiting this hot room shall do so with a smile.

So, as you lease this sauna and settle yourself onto the upper bench, rest assured that you are experiencing what even the most nuanced sauna experts achieve when they are taking part in their sauna sessions. Really good heat.

mobile sauna: view from the upper bench

Imagine settling into round one, as the heat envelopes. A light airy feel welcomes you, thanks to dual transom windows left and right. A family member waves to you with a smile through the window in the hot room door. “Need anything?” You shake your head no. You’re just fine. Let’s close our eyes, lean back, and toss some water on the sauna rocks. ahhhhhh.

mobille sauna: generous hot room

Venting! Of course. You can control air flow via the dual vents behind the upper bench, which helps circulate fresh air through the mobile sauna hot room. This is another nuance of which experts from Finland will approve. Dr. Jari Laukkanen, a Sauna Talk guest, references good ventilation as being critical to good sauna, and we agree! Partaking in 50 saunas in 12 days in Finland would not be possible in crappy, poorly ventilated saunas. Fresh air means fresh sauna. And this sauna provides great ventilation.

A quick word about sauna benches. Notice the clear cedar? No butt branding in this sauna! Clear cedar is 10 times more expensive than knotty cedar. Cedar is 10 times more expensive than SPF (Spruce, Pine, Fir). 2×4’s are 7 times more expensive than 1×4. Why do we go to this expense? Because dense soft wood, free of knots feels great on the buttox region. Forrest Gump would approve.

And check out the lower bench. See the small L return to the left? This could be the kings chair. Sitting in this corner, one can look at the flames dancing in the firebox of the hand made Kuuma sauna stove. The löyly is less crisp and that much softer at this altitude. Promise me that as you lease this sauna, you’ll experience a round or two in this location.

How much for this sauna? $1,200 per month with a $200 discount just for reading this. If a month is too long of a time, well, we are cool with making something work out. Let’s get this rolling! Today is the best day to consider bringing really kick ass authentic sauna into your life! Please contact me, We have open dates through the fall, at which time this sauna will be deployed for hot cold therapy research. More on this coming soon!

7’x12′ authentic Finnish mobile wood fired sauna

Lease the Mobile Sauna

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6 thoughts on “Saunatimes Mobile Sauna now available for lease in Minnesota”

  1. Hi Glenn, i have recently discovered your website and love the content. I will be purchasing your ebook soon and set my sites on building my own next spring. I am intrigue by the idea of building a mobile sauna as a side business as well. I hail from Maine and thinking a sauna business might be an opportunity, especially now with the recent health crisis. How can i do a deep dive into this and what are some of the opportunities in this business?

  2. Well, Richard, as you know, the beauty of mobile is that much like with a food truck, hard ass inspectors – in this case health inspectors – aren’t hovering around with clip boards and citations. You’ll want comprehensive insurance, of course, and waiver forms, and code of conduct statements, etc.

    The beauty is that a lot of this can reside on your website, including bookings, and link to google map showing where you’re “activating.” (like a food truck).

    All this is the adjacent possible to brick and mortar, down the road. (like a restaurant).

    I’m on the board of the 612 Sauna Society, and my friends have founded Stokeyard Outfitters, and my friend Justin has founded Cedar & Stone in Duluth, and there are one or two more “activators” including Pucon Massage and Atacama Sauna, run by Margaret.

    And that’s just in Minnesota.

    “It’s beginning to look a lot like um..
    Everywhere you go
    Soon the bells will start
    And the thing that’ll make ’em ring is the carol that you sing
    Right within your heart.”

    Merry Christmas, Richard, and here’s to a more sauna activations in 2021!

  3. Hey Glenn, we are a construction outfit in northern Minnesota that is looking to get into the sauna industry, which involves mobile saunas, stationary saunas, and everything in between. Me and my buddy have a passion for sauna building and really enjoy all the steps that go into it, and would love to contribute to the growth of this industry. We are in the midst of building a mobile sauna right now and might try to rent it out or else sell it and hopefully build more as the demand and popularity within our company increases. Would love to hear from you and get any insight or advice you might have for us as we get this business out there promoting this lifestyle and experience. Thank you and we have been on your site many, many times to get ideas on certain parts of the build process, or the true experience of it!

  4. Glenn,

    Wondering about your thoughts on a barrel sauna with panoramic wall using a kuuma wood stove?

    1. Where would you position the stove? If you put it in the center of the barrel, lengthwise, would there be enough space to sit on the benches comfortably?

    2. What size stove would be best for a barrel? Guessing you can go a little smaller since there is less space to heat?

    3. What size barrel would be best? This probably depends on stove location and personal preference for use. I would be using it myself, mostly. But would like to have sauna gatherings at some point.

    I like the look and ease of building of the barrel saunas, and definitely want the panoramic wall as the sauna would sit facing a wooded ravine.

  5. Nicholas,

    Love the concept of your sauna facing the wooded ravine. But here’s the thing: I’m not in favor of barrel saunas. (period). Nobody in Finland would use a barrel sauna. The heat is all wrong. And a Kuuma, because of the distance to non combustibles, technically can’t work in a barrel sauna.

    I get it about the ease of building a barrel sauna, but I want to encourage you to “trade up” to a shed style structure.

    Your project seems awesome and in a great locale. Sauna is such a fabulous thing, and you deserve a really kick ass good sauna with space, a proper cool down room, and able to lämpömassa and heat and good flow. THEN we put a Kuuma in there, and I PROMISE you, you will thank me.

  6. Looks like it’s time to change gears to a shed. I’m in a 100 year old house with multiple other projects consuming most of my time. Don’t think I can divert a couple weeks to build it myself. Would you recommend Voyageur?

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