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The Mobile Sauna revolution will be televised

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September 12, 2019

From Minnesota to Maine, Britain to the Baltics, a massive independent fleet of mobile saunas are being constructed and activated, all in the spirit of bringing good sauna to people in very cool places. How is it that the mobile sauna revolution is happening right now?

Both evolution and innovation thrive in collaborative networks where opportunities for serendipitous connections exist. Great discoveries often evolve as slow hunches, maturing and connecting to other ideas over time.

-Steven Johnson, “Where Good Ideas Come From”

In Duluth Minnesota, we have Hiki Hut mobile sauna, making its way along the shores of Lake Superior, the World’s largest freshwater lake. You can read our interview with the founders here.

Hiki Hut sauna, mobilized by the shoreline of Lake Superior

We have Justin Juntunen who has “Finnished” the framing stage of his Cedar & Stone Mobile Sauna installation, which promises to be deployed and activated for locals and tourists in Duluth Minnesota, “Sauna Capital of the United States!”.

Justin Juntunen, surveying aluminum welds, Cedar & Stone mobile sauna, Duluth, MN.

Further North, Fortune Bay Resort and Casino has constructed their mobile sauna, where folks can “try their luck” with cool downs along the shores of Lake Vermilion.

Fortune Bay Mobile Sauna

In Minneapolis, a fitness gym crew, with a bent towards thermogenesis wellness, are in the midst of building their wood fired trailer sauna for parking lot and frozen lake deployments.

At 4700 Nicollet Ave., South Stokeyard Outfitters, saunatimes, and Custom Mobile Sauna‘s have turned a decomissioned power station into a pop-up Mobile Sauna village and show room where two of Stokeyard Custom Mobile Saunas are activated. You can read a recent article about sweating at The Yard here.

Mobile Sauna Party at “The Yard”, 4700 Nicollet Ave. S. Minneapolis

The budding Mobile Sauna building business, Custom Mobile Saunas, is currently “4-6 weeks out in production” says Eric Bongard, founder, as he checks with his build team between welding mobile sauna frames.

Custom Sauna Builders mobile sauna

The 612 Sauna Society is gearing up for its second season, deployed outside the Trailhead, Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis. “After a hike, mountain bike, or ski through the old growth park trails, at Theo Wirth, you come upon a beautiful view of the Minneapolis skyline, then look down into the foreground to see folks cooling down outside the 612 sauna, and i’m just in awe of how beautiful our city is, and how wonderful it is to exercise in Nature, then sauna” declares Glenn Auerbach, board member, 612 Sauna Society.

John Munger, Loppet Foundation, and Glenn cooling down between sauna rounds outside the 612 Sauna Society mobile sauna, outside the Trailhead, Wirth Park, Minneapolis, MN

Further East, The Little Red Sauna has been completed! This is Maine’s first wood-fired mobile sauna, and beckons not to be the last.

Little Red Sauna ready for deployment in Maine
Little Red Sauna Build Team

Even more further East, we have the just completed barrel sauna, thanks to Lewis Jenkinson’s Regener8saunas. Lewis is keen to deploy his new mobile sauna to help others with “mental chilling out” and decompression from our busy lives.

UK based Regener8 mobile barrel sauna, ready for the British Sauna Invasion.

Brighton Beach Box wood fired sauna and spa is turning blistery cool Brighton evenings into warm community gathering wellness thermogenesis activations, thanks to their wood fired sauna.

And not to be outdone, the Finnish Sauna Society, Helsinki, Finland, has commissioned their own mobile sauna, to complement their 7 fixed saunas, most of which are smoke saunas.

Like a candle that lights another candle, spreading the goodness of authentic sauna, with really good heat to others mobile in really cool places,

Saunatimes started their own mobile sauna revolution in 2010, and it’s been a joy to see the wave swell. The rising sauna tide is lifting all these mobile sauna boats. The collaboration between collaborators has been wonderful to be a part of.

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