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Who will be the first band to trailer a mobile sauna on tour for optimal post concert R&R?

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It’s not far fetched.  Bands on tour finish their encore sweaty and spent.  The loud crowd, lights, action make for overstimulation and craziness in the head.  Artists find their own way to “chill out” after a performance and we can think of no better way than a sauna session.

How cool would it be to exit the green room after a gig, walk a few steps outside and into an awaiting AUTHENTIC sauna idling at 180f?

And on off nights, the sauna can be deployed in a strategically located garden on the road, perhaps all misty wet with rain.  A traveling sauna on tour isn’t just a good idea.   A sauna with a band on tour will expand the horizon of wellness, bursting through the monotony and stale hotel room air.

If I were a band on tour I would (in order):

  1. Sleep on the tour bus.
  2. Wake up in new town and hit a sauna round or two.
  3. Do the radio in studio performance or other PR.
  4. Sound check.
  5. Bike around town.
  6. Preform the Concert.
  7. Enjoy 3 Sauna rounds
  8. Repeat.

And what about festivals?  Whichever band brings their mobile sauna backstage will be “rock stars” for other bands performing, as the AUTHENTIC mobile sauna will be a gathering place for artists to sauna together, sharing war stories about the music industry, as kindred spirits dealing with the same “life on the road” pains in the asses.  Eaux Claires music festival, nestled in the woods and along the river’s edge, promotes a Midwest nature camping bearded checkered shirt vibe and could be the first to provide a kick ass mobile sauna, backstage (or by the river’s edge).

Who will be the first band to trailer a mobile sauna on tour for optimal post concert R&R?

  • Maybe it will be Low, from Duluth MN, who were ecstatic to be able to enjoy a backstage sauna after a gig in Norway.
  • Maybe it will be AltJ, from Sweden, who could name their bastu “Fitzpleasure” for how good it’ll make them feel afterwards.
  • Maybe it will be David Simonett (Trampled by Turtles/Dead Man Winter) who, as a reader of, sauna aficionado, Lake Superior cold plunge enthusiast, and is no stranger to sauna.
  • Maybe it will be the band Mount Eerie, whose lp “Sauna” is indeed good sauna music.
  • Maybe it will be Kevin Morby.
Kevin Morby in the sauna, displaying the LP Sauna, by Mount Eerie.
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5 thoughts on “Who will be the first band to trailer a mobile sauna on tour for optimal post concert R&R?”

  1. I went on a music themed cruise earlier this year. The boat featured a really nice sauna – it was near the front of the ship and had huge windows facing the sea in 3 directions. I spent time there every day and was often joined by the musicians. I spoke to a few who said they try to find sauna wherever they tour. Most notable was Charlie Crockett. He was there daily and said it was a near required part of his touring and performing routine.

  2. Drew: Thanks for this feedback. Where was this cruise and do you remember the ship? Charlie Crockett sounds like a kindred spirit. If he comes to Mpls., I’d like to extend invite to my backyard sauna, including uber/ride share to/from concert venue. That said, one day we’ll be able to pull up mobile sauna to venue, and sister up to tour bus for easier access. Sound check between rounds, perhaps?

  3. The ship was the Norwegian Pearl. Could you imagine if the Fins where in the cruise game instead?!? The music cruise is called Cayamo, but that boat does all kinds of routes. I think they do an Alaska run – I dreamed of sitting in there and watching icebergs go by.

    If Charlie comes to Minneapolis, I’ll try to get him over.

  4. Awesome Drew. Agreed, would be awesome to be taking a sauna on a ship, with lots of windows, watching icebergs go by. Then, perhaps, they could slow down and saddle up to an iceberg for memorable cold plunges between rounds. 🙂

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