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Kelo Spa & Steam: serious heat in Boston Massachusetts

light steam graphic

We are pleased to share our visit with Klim and Alex, founders of Kelo Spa & Steam, who are bringing serious heat to Boston Massachusetts. Kelo Spa opens in March 2023, so get ready! Let’s welcome Klim and Alex to SaunaTimes

Please tell us about the idea for Kelo Spa & Steam

Kelo Spa & Steam is in the making for some time now. It took a lot of planning, thinking through, designing and construction supervision.

We invested a lot of time and energy into research and design to make sure that our clients have the best sauna experience possible.

kelo spa whisk treatment
whisk treatment in action

You obviously take good heat seriously. How did you become a good heat connoisseur and what does good heat mean to you ?

Our Kelo sauna is powered by 2 Kuuma stoves. People who know Kuuma will understand that this is no joke. There is a lot of mass to keep the heat strong and soft for long time. Sauna has 2 fresh air supplies + ventilation exhaust with an inducer to make sure that ventilation is on point. 

Ventilation is automatic, but if there its ever a need to force vent – there’s also an option to that. With that being said, we have multiple levels to micromanage heat, humidity, air, etc.

Kelo Spa hot room
Kelo Spa & Steam hot room

You are no stranger to sauna / banya. Tell us about your background. 

I’ve been a huge sauna enthusiast for all my life and visited saunas and banya in different corners of the world. Being originally from Ukraine – sauna was always a part of our weekend routine. 

No matter if it’s a private reservation or a public sauna – I was always able to catch some good steam.

I remember being a kid, I used to go hunting with my grandfather on a weekend. I would rush to our local sauna right after we return, especially on a cold winter day. There’s nothing that cleans your mind and body like a good steam with some oak whisks.

What can guests to Kelo Spa & Steam expect when it comes to good heat?

Klim Gotovkin (my partner and a good friend!) shares same values when it comes to a good heat! Being a lifelong sauneaur* himself, he has a lot to give to our clients. Whether it’s a quality Platza, sauna whisk technique or a funny story about sauna, Klim is always there for our clients!

Klim & Alex, Kelo Spa & Steam
Klim & Alex, founders, welcoming guests

Kelo Spa & Steam is great name, and comes with integrity and meaning. What is kelo wood and why are you committed to this special wood for your establishment?

Why Kelo? Kelo is a type of polar pine (Pinus sylvestris) that grows in the Arctic region of Finland. It’s extremely dense, doesn’t have to be treated with any chemicals and deliver an unforgettable aroma to those who enjoy the sauna room made of it.

Beautiful colors, unforgettable aroma, great structural integrity: what else can you wish for? 🙂

Kelo Spa & Steam kelo wood
Kelo Spa & Steam kelo wood

Tell us about the amenities and offerings at Kelo Spa & Steam.

We offer a beautiful sauna room made from polar pine, a steam room, cold plunge for energizing contrast and a beautiful lounge. Our customers have access to a healthy snack/juice bar, where you can grab a healthy sandwich or a fresh squeezed juice. But above all, we offer a relaxing environment where you relax, detox and clean not only your body, but your mind and spirit.

Visiting Kelo Spa is like going back and traveling to a small village somewhere in a nordic country.  It’s like going on a trip without leaving the city!

We hope you’ll have a chance to stop by and experience our beautiful sauna firsthand!

Kelo Spa & Steam cool down zone.
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3 thoughts on “Kelo Spa & Steam: serious heat in Boston Massachusetts”

  1. Lucky enough to visit today as part of a surprise birthday celebration for my sister. Such a great experience and they are right, it was like traveling to another country without leaving the state. Took advantage of the opportunity for a platza and am so happy I did. Looking forward to a return trip!

  2. I am looking to buy a sauna for my house. I am 77 years old and a disabled Vietnam Vet and won’t be building my own sauna. I want to locate the new sauna in my large garage inside so it has to be electric. I have no idea who would sell me a very nice sauna for home use. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Hi Ken.. right on to your situation. I’ll send you and email and happy to help. I’ve navigated through several garage sauna builds.. it’s a great thing you’re doing.. check out Clint’s project.. his sauna is fabulous and has stood the test of time. Link here.

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