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Sauna extension: an exciting opportunity for someone to get out of the lame sauna box

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A wonderful byproduct to The Perfect Sweat Summit, Spring 2014 in San Francisco, was to get together with like minded folks from literally all over the world.  Over a beer with Dr. Stephen Colmant,  Sweat Therapy pioneering researcher and Dr. Sean Mullen, P.H.D. and Sweat Therapy Association guru, we came up with a concept for North America called Sauna Extension.

What is Sauna Extension?

Sauna extension is an 28’x40′ extension to an existing facility – a health club, a spa, resort hotel – that already has private changing areas, showers, and a front desk person who can file their nails between checking in registered guests.  An existing facility whose owner has experienced AUTHENTIC sauna not only in feeling, but embraces the myriad of health and wellness benefits to AUTHENTIC sauna.

Sauna extension blows out of the water all the ubiquitous, countless sacrifices we see in public saunas in North America.  Instead, sauna extension waves the flag of AUTHENTICITY, allowing folks to experience and benefit from all the wonderfulness of sauna therapy that Northern Europeans appreciate as not luxuries but as common practice, like brushing teeth.

  • Wood burning sauna stove.
  • Generous hot room seating and design.
  • Semi circular hot room seating that hits the sweat therapy nail right on the head.
  • Ample OUTDOOR chill out zones.
  • Proper cold plunge.
  • Sauna meister: with their own desk, authority, and accreditation.
  • Landscaped and year round foliage that welcomes nature and oxygen.

Who is going to be the first proprietor to privatize their public institution, thereby liberating themselves from all the countless ridiculous bull shit code, rules, requirements, and limitations to authentic sauna?  “codes” written by bureaucrats who have no idea what sauna is, and enforced by inspectors with tape measurers and clipboards who also have no idea what sauna is.

Who is going to step up and make a stand?

  • Could it be the owner of an NHL hockey team who realizes its not just players’ salaries that can draw and motivate the best talent (and the next Teemu Selänne)?
  • Could it be a philanthropist who wishes to give back to their community?
  • Could it be a business owner who is looking for a better way to create team spirit than casual Fridays?
  • Could it be a parent or collection of parents who have experienced how authentic sauna has helped with their child’s ADD, ADHD behavioral issues?
  • Could it be the executive terminal at Minneapolis St. Paul Airport, because the owner of a big paper company wants to get rid of airplane juice?
  • Could it be the US Government who realizes that sweat therapy is an extremely effective way to help our armed forces deal with re-acclimation issues?
  • Could it be an organization in Finland, wishing to establish a cultural beacon outpost in North America?

The world is getting smaller and we are not getting any younger.  Whoever it is going to be, the North American authentic sauna revolution starts right now.

Who is with me?

28x40 sauna plans

Sauna Extension is a plan to include the authentic sauna experience to an existing public facility.

Our plan includes a large semi-circular sauna, cold plunge, and outdoor courtyard area. We will have specific procedures for how it is operated within the facility and includes a Sauna Miester as integral to assure QualitySafety, and Cleanliness.

We hope to target a public facility that already has the infrastructure to support this addition. Examples of likely candidates include: Fitness Center, Community Center, University Gymnasium, and Health SPA.

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2 thoughts on “Sauna extension: an exciting opportunity for someone to get out of the lame sauna box”

  1. Ummm…

    Other than my 10×12 hot room not being semi-circular, and the cold plunge is “attached” to the sauna, this is “part” of the spa garden I have designed for my personal backyard that also includes an outdoor shower area, hot tub, and lap pool.

    I have a 5 year plan to build this and be my own sauna meister. Nice to know the “experts” have basically laid out the same plan!

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