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It’s almost sauna tent season and time to mobilize!

light steam graphic

As cool fall air starts nipping at our heels, sauna tent season appears, and for many, it’s time to start to mobilize.

The sauna tent past is the past

Back in 2020, I embraced sauna tents when thermal soul brother Kev convinced me to give one a try. Owning three saunas myself, the last thing I was thinking was a fourth. But low bench and behold, I deployed one on my backyard deck. And by golly, Kev was right. Tossing water on the rocks, I concluded that all three boxes of the holy trinity of good sauna were checked (heat, steam, ventilation).

My Morzh sauna tent held up well through the cold, wind, snow in Minnesota. Sure I had to stoke the stove every 20 minutes in order to maintain heat. But like many things in life, we have to keep things moving in order to keep our heart beating.

backyard sauna tent
2020 Sauna Tent backyard deployment

Sauna tent living in present moment

Fast forward to 2023 and we have a bit of sauna tent gold rush happening with a handful of brands on offer out in the sauna sphere. And for good reason. From my perspective, as a 30 plus year avid sauna enthusiast, builder, prognosticator, ranter, raver, Sauna Tents are:

  1. an inexpensive option. One can get a complete set delivered for well under $1,500 that will provide
  2. good heat. Sure sauna tent stoves drive more direct radiant heat with less resonating lämpömassa. but some provide
  3. quality, long lasting materials that offer folks interested in sauna a value driven entry level
  4. gateway drug to a possible brick and mortar sauna in their future, while keeping their sauna tent on hand for
  5. mobile deployment, in nature, by a mountain stream, lake, or their mother in law backyard where there’s every opportunity to get to get the family out of the stale living room lazyboy and out to the backyard for a kick ass sauna session during a family gathering.
Overland Sauna Superlite Kit ready for a match, you, and a couple fellow sauna enthusiasts

Data now for the sauna tent future

As mentioned, there are a few sauna tent companies in North America. And a couple of them are sauna enthusiasts who are also investing in R&D to help improve heat, performance, safety, satisfaction, and smiles. We have North Shore sauna in Minnesota and Overland Sauna in Oregon. I’ve helped Overland navigate through the arduous journey of product development. Like a hike up Mount Hood, the posse has encountered twists and turns and cold feet. But what has emerged is a US produced sauna tent stove that kicks the heat in gear inside a quality three ply insulated sauna tent material with

Weighing in at under 60 lbs in total, the Overland Sauna Superlite Kit is designed to effortlessly accompany these cats on their surfing adventures (without wetsuits). Wherever your journeys lead you, your sauna can effortlessly tag along.

I dig the future world of sauna tents.

As brother Kev can attest, there are a few players in the space who show like minded kindred spirit enthusiasm. I’d like to ambassador more of this spirit. As much like craft brewers back in the day many thought pale ale was someone’s light skinned uncle.

Executive team members from North Shore Sauna and Overland Sauna digging themselves between rounds in Lake Superior at Sauna Days 2022, Larsmont Cottages, Two Harbors, MN, USA.
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