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The mobile sauna, by

light steam graphic

8’x12′ exterior dimensions:

zero degree polar plunge

  • Three functional windows.
  • Half glass door, outward swing.
  • Goofy wave optional.

6’x7’4″ sauna room:

sauna view 3 insidesauna view 1 inside

  • dimmer light for custom ambiance.
  • Sauna thermometer: hovers well above 150 degrees thanks to the Kuuma Stove.
  • Separate volume control for speakers safely stowed below the benches.
  • The wood burning stove: 350 lbs. 1/4 inch steel, 80 lbs of granite rock.
  • Stainless steel water tank: having warm water for rinse is a good thing.

5’x7’4″ changing room:

sauna changing room

  • Separate speakers, volume control, power amp.
  • Wall mount lights with dimmer switch.
  • Ample hooks.
  • Cathedral ceiling, loft above sauna.

The Setting:

Bring the mobile sauna to where you want to sauna.

Sauna ext. lake 3 less side

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4 thoughts on “The mobile sauna, by”

  1. Chris.. the software was just as good. It takes about $9k to build one of these, and I’m pretty proud of all it can do, and all the bells and whistles. Lemme know if you want one, i’ll deliver it this afternoon. You can pay me in installments. Sauna trust.

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