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Underwater sauna? How about a backyard sauna!

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Let’s save this underwater sauna for “if I win the lottery.”

More practically, let’s consider that $8,000 can provide you with an authentic free standing sauna in your backyard or cabin.

  • $8,000 buys you a car that costs you much more in gas, maintenance, and traffic anxieties.
  • $8,000 buys you a cocktail of chiropractor, psychologist, and medical services that may have you still scratching your head.
  • $8,000 buys you a cruise where you come back relieved that it’s over and in need of going on the wagon.
  • $8,000 buys you a year or two of cabin property tax, where you shake your head on the way home because it was too cold to jump in the lake.
  • $8,000 buys you 5-6 years of a health club membership with a guarantee to have a locker right next to a naked guy bending over to put his socks on.

This can be in your backyard.  Come join us.  Let’s walk out your back door and enjoy your own backyard escape.

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