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Sauna pants: a dumb product for a dumber consumer

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I am embarrassed for having to take our time to even mention such a stupid product.  But since it has the word “sauna” in its name, we feel compelled to comment.  Is the consumer this desperate, this unsure of themselves, that they think wearing a poly blend pair of shorts with a plug in heat coil system can actually offer any real benefit?

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4 thoughts on “Sauna pants: a dumb product for a dumber consumer”

  1. Have used this product for 2 weeks. After re-hab from a devastating fall off a horse, this product was great! The heat feels so good and it did cause me to lose some excess weight I gained from in actvitiy. Don’t judge it until you try it.

  2. I actually was at a yard sale and she was closing up and gave them along with a few other items in a garbage bag.
    When I got home I pulled them out and I was like what,what in the world is this, and so I put them on plugged it in it actually gets really hot. I was told by somebody it would help with cellulite, so I’ve actually only used them a couple times but I do love the heat it’s awsome where I had a hip replacement so it really helps with that.
    So I’m gona keep using them and I’ll try to come back to the site and leave an update review!
    All in all I’d give em an 8outta 10

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