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Sauna Talk: Tom Carlson SaunaTimes public sauna map

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Today on Sauna Talk, we welcome Tom Carlson, a sauna enthusiast and a SaunaTimes public sauna map supporter.

Tom caught the sauna bug in Germany, and brought home his love and appreciation for good heat. Like many of us, Tom recognizes how good sauna is like a candle that lights another candle. And with this, there are really good saunas dotted all over the world.

Several years ago, we built the SaunaTimes Public Sauna Map. With over 200 entries and counting, there’s a good chance that as you arrive in a new town, you’ll be ale to click through and find a kick ass sauna for you to attend. And for Tom, you’ll hear about his commitment to helping all of us find good saunas wherever we may be. Currently, he and Kevin are SaunaTimes public sauna map champions.

But I would like you to know how I first met Tom. It was a couple Sauna Days ago, at Larsmont Cottages in Two Harbors, Minnesota. A guy walks up to me with a Wisconsin 6 pack in one hand, and outstretches his other hand to shake my hand. “This is for you. You helped me realize how great sauna is. Thank you Glenn, you’ve pretty much changed my life.”

Wow, those are big shoes to wear. But thankfully we were both bare footed, and we both hit the same sauna bench and shared some kindred spirit thermal action, and like convective heat transfer into hot rocks from protected elements, a logical, long lasting connection was made.

Tom’s Travels

Tom lives in Wisconsin USA, and on a whim, came through Minneapolis, and naturally found himself on the bench in my backyard sauna.

We share stories and steam. And are joined with quiet guest Darin from Urban Wing.

As bonus, we enjoy an extended löyly. And if you are driving, please don’t close your eyes, but this extended löyly is for you.

Tom Carlson and Glenn
Reverse psychology with Tom and Glenn
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