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Tips as you prepare for your next sauna party gathering

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Treat your sauna session much like rigorous exercise, hydration, and food.

What to bring:

water bottle – drink 32 oz. if you forget.

towel – use T shirt if you forget.

Troxers – wear underneath


It’s ok to arrive harried and stressed.  The past (busy work day, shitty traffic, thorn in your side) is now in that tiny sliver of a rear view mirror.  In front of us is our vast windshield.  As we undress and take a swig out of our water bottle, we can exhale knowing that the sauna session in front of us is within our total control.

As yoga “set intention.”  and our intention may be “shit yea!”

Sauna party happening
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2 thoughts on “Tips as you prepare for your next sauna party gathering”

  1. Hello ,

    I am planning a small gathering for a cold plunge for maybe 10 people using a 100 gal stand alone Rubbermaid stock tank.
    How do I sanitize the water for that day so each person feels and does receive clean water to do a 2 minute cold plunge.

    This stick tank has not been used previously and I washed it with soap and little bit of bleach and rinsed it thoroughly.

    What can I add the the water and ice plunge tank to keep water fresh and clean for each individual.

    I’m not able to at this time to connect a circulating pump or filter .

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  2. Debbie:

    Keeping water fresh and clean for a 100 gallon stock tank is not easy! I de-jankify by cold showering completely after sauna round, and before immersing myself into the cold plunge. And if having a sauna party, I get out my referee uniform and whistle and make sure others shower completely before entering.

    And after a session, I drain and water the grass with the 100 gallons of water.

    For solo sauna, i’ll empty the stock tank after every couple three sessions.

    I avoid products, but others “shock” the potential bacteria in the water with a little bleach or chlorine. Hope this helps!

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