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When you feel good heat, it’s all over.™

light steam graphic

That’s right. It’s all over.

When you feel good heat, it’s all over you, from your head to your toes, through to your core. Everywhere in the hot room through good ventilation. Eternally even. BODY

When you feel good heat, your search is over. That dense resonating heat, steam, ventilation. This is good sauna, you can create it for your own sauna, and your search for it is over. Once you feel good heat, you’ll want it over and over. MIND

There’s a moment during every sauna session, when you feel good heat, It’s all over. Your daily grind, your achy knee, and your earthly frustrations, you have reached a breakthrough and nirvana. SOUL

When you feel good heat, it’s all over. Body, mind, soul.

Fire burning in the wood fired sauna stove
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1 thought on “When you feel good heat, it’s all over.™”

  1. What a great post. Taking the opportunity to thank you for all your work and enthusiasm. First came across the saunatimes googling woodstoves, a love of mine. Then the Lassi podcast.Your book,the Lassi book,the saunatent posts and now my saunateltta. This is exactly how it is. Great heat, body,mind,soul.

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