World Sauna Moment

Celebrating the Serenity of Sauna in a Time of Confusion

April 4th, 2020 at 5:00pm your time

World Sauna Moment
World Sauna Moment

In this time of isolation, many of us are fortunate to own our own saunas.

We are taking sauna alone or only with immediate family.

World Sauna Moment is an opportunity for everybody to enjoy their saunas at the same time in their respective time zones. With this moment, we may be especially warmed to know that our sauna sessions are not alone, but being shared alone by hundreds, perhaps thousands of others, all over the World.

A Message From Glenn

At 1700h on April 4th we can make löyly, have a cold plunge, and/or cheer with a cold beverage fueled by strength of spirit and togetherness, with confidence to know that we will emerge from this event better and stronger individuals and collective lovers of good sauna.

Those of us without sauna, who generally sauna in the public domain at health clubs or activated sauna installations, please consider joining us for a toast in appreciation for when we will all be able to sauna together again.

We encourage you to capture your world sauna moment on April 4th and post to your favorite social media platform with the hashtag:


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